Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Jarrett... Happy Birthday to You!

Two-Nine, twenty-nine, vientenueve.... yowzas! J has officially almost hit the mark.. the relentless jokes of him being old came full throttle from my brother and my little cousin (he's lucky he's big and she's lucky she's cute) But we made the most of celebrating turn the last year of his 20s.

Friday night I cooked dinner at home for him and we ate in the backyard.. it was perfect out!

I loooove these flowers!

Boog celebrated with us!

J opened his prezzies

New pillows (so he stops taking mine), Manly keyring, and Lawn Tickets to Dave Matthews
Saturday we headed out to Fort Worth and ate lunch with all of the Dunaway boys at Lonesome Dove - everything was so delish! and then went over to Rahr Brewery.. this was so neat and we will definitely have to do it again, so if youre down let us know and we can go!

We went to dinner with the Cabreras at Tillman's Roadhouse - another delicious meal with amazing company...

Sunday we spent some time at my parents and celebrated this lovely lady's birthday

Happy birthday husband... let's make this the best yet! XoXo

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