Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five For Friday

Oh Friday, we meet again...

Here are my High Fives for Friday!

1. I scored these fabulous Kate Spade sunglasses at Norstrom Rack... I love the case almost as much as I love the actual sunglasses!

2. Last week my foodie magazines, this week my favorite decor mags... pretty much every page in the Crate & Barrel magazine is marked, in case you feel generous and want to pick something up for me ;)

3. This week marked my 4th work trip to DC.. each time I have seen zero landmarks... ((minus the less than impressive National Christmas Tree debacle)) I was determined to see something, even if it was for 5 minutes... Mission accomplished...."Abe says Hi"

4. I came home from work Thursday to a package... but I didnt know what it was - I shook it... sounds like liquid.. still no idea.. Then I opened up to see these lovelies!

Do yall remember this? Well this is installment #2! Thanks again, Masseys!

5. Speaking of our fun friends, Amber & Jordan, I am looking forward to this today! GO, RANGERS, GO!

**Double High Five this week: I am officially off of work for the next TEN days... I am so excited!!! This hasnt happened since we got married!



  1. Double high five this week for the Massey's and Dway's :) YAAAY!

  2. How bout you donate one of those cartons of Italian EVOO to the Massey's. I'll let you sit next to me at the ballgame.


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