Monday, May 14, 2012

Double Dose

Every post I have written lately starts with an apology.. This one wont, but I will start by saying that I truly suck at this whole blogging thing these days. I almost hope no one stops by here to see updates, because its awfully embarrassing that the only update is my "Love is.." that I may or may not post months in advance..

Now that my little rant is over, lets move on to the double dose of updates you are so luckily to be getting.

As yall know I have been crazy busy with work.. and sometimes I feel like I am missing out on things in life.. with J, with our families, and with my friends. Although I cant imagine doing anything else, I have decided that I am going to start living by the  "I'll sleep when I am dead" theory. I used to get home and just want to be home.. but this is how I am missing out on everything.. Dont get me wrong, I will do this from time to time. Especially since my new approach is killing J... but he can sleep when he is dead too... or at least when I am gone on program :):):)
JoJo has been expanding her wedding talents, by renting out her decor from her wedding, and also decorating weddings. A few weeks ago she needed an extra hand, so I of course took off a little early and headed out to McKinney.

The ceremony was held outside of a church and the reception was to follow inside. It really turned out great!

In between set-up and tear down the boys met us and we had dinner and I experienced my first ever Beer-garita. I must say, I loved this. Lots.

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and Zak & Chara were in town. We had quite the time. It also reconfirmed that I am getting old. Cant tell you the last time I was at the bar past 1 and dont really know if I know when the next time will be ;)

After a day trip to DC and a quick work week, it was back to the weekend.

Friday, my parents came over for a BBQ to celebrate mother's day.. plus I hadnt seen them in a long, long time. My dad & J talked about the yard and what our next step is to beautify-ing it. My mom & I caught up and laughed a whole lot. J made some really amazing ribs. I was so proud of him - those culinary skills are vastly improving!

Saturday, bright & early it was out to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Rangers with our Supper Club peeps. (We missed you Tapellas!) It was an amazing time - major props, Chris, on the idea!

& I think we reached the concensous that we are definitely going to do a repeat at this place later this year!!

Sunday we had a Mother's Day lunch with Marianne & Bobby and J&J - it was delish, but I failed on the picture taking.

Post lunch we headed back out to the ballpark with J&J. We had so much fun again... Its kind of addicting. I cant wait for our next game!

We also were able to catch this amazing sunset! <3!

Looking forward to next weekend - it'll be a busy one again!


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  1. Now I am really sad that we missed this game! Great pictures and I hope we do it again! Miss you guys!!


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