Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30 Before 30 Update - June


I tried to make up for the last two months and will do so again in July before I get busy again with work in August... hopefully we will make some serious progress!

1. Go Ice Skating

2. Roll my own sushi

3. Create a cookbook of favorite recipes

4. Shoot a gun (properly)

For our Dad's birthday (Yes - our Dads share the same birthday) we told them we would do a family day at the gun range & lunch.. so TWO months later we finally held up the promise :)

Only in Texas is this an acceptable family outing

It was fun... sort of! Ha! I shot the .22 for the most part.. I tried my mom's 9 and it was scary... so we shall see when my next outing to the gun range will be!

5. Successfully bake at least 1 dessert

6. Complete a 5k

7. Do a grape stomp Has anyone done one of these in Hill Country, Texas??? Looking for suggestions! Please & Thanks!

8. Send at least 12 hand-written notes/cards/random gifts
- (2) April

9. Have 4 day/night dates with my momma
- Had a date day with Nana & My Mom for Nana's birthday. (April)
10. Volunteer at least twice

11. Do a photo wall in the house  Accomplished! & I absolutely love it! I used Easy Canvas Prints and was able to get them 60% off - it was perfection!

Clockwise: Fall '12 photoshoot, My favorite door in Rome, Engagement photoshoot '10, Trash the Dress photoshoot '12, Wedding Rings, Ampertand, Layla Love as a puppy, The Kiss, The Shoes, Amazing tree in La Jolla

We are working on changing the dining room up... This was step one. pics to come!

12. Go to the Perot Museum

13. Read at least 12 books this year
-1. Bridesmaid Lotto
-2. Gamble on Engagement
-3. The Wedding Wager
-4. Savannah Blues
-5. Spring Fever
-6. Touch & Go
-7. Dark Places

-8. Ladies Night Another easy read.. I read it on our Dway Vacay.
14. Have a picnic

16. Buy bikes and ride often We rode beach cruisers all through Siesta Key & I think it has inspired J to finally get this one checked off the list - super looking forward to it!

17. Go rock climbing

18. Bowl over 150 I tried.. again. At the rate I am going (constantly hovering right at 100) I may not meet this goal.. we shall see

20. Go to a movie alone

21. Go camping

22. Make homemade pasta I looooooved this one! & cant wait to do it again, maybe this time ravioli???

23. Do 5 kind things for strangers
- One kind thing accomplished (April)
- Another kind thing accomplished (June)
24. Write our will

25. Ride a train

26. Girls only vacation/trip

27. Learn sign language

28. See a meteor shower
29. See 3 movies in a theatre with my hubby
-1 - The Croods
-2 - Monsters University & Now you See Me Double feature! At the Drive-in... another thing I cannot wait to do again!

30. Try a new fruit or vegetable
- Okra
- I one upped this... and tried something super new. Soft Shell Crab - not on the yummy list that's for sure!

BONUS: Indoor Skydiving
Bring on July!

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  1. I am obsessed with your canvas wall!!!! And I am totally going to use this website...I have been looking for a decent priced canvas site. And gun ranges are so much fun! I just stick the .22 though haha..What a fun June! Have a Happy 4th girly!


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