Tuesday, June 25, 2013

D-Way Vacay

A couple of weeks ago J&I went to Siesta Key, Florida with his family for a little "D-Way Vacay". It was relaxing and a great time!
We flew in to Tampa & drove over to St Petersburg for lunch. As we parked, I had flashbacks of 2008 and one of my first work trips I had been on. My bestie from college had met me to extend our trip - it was a blast!
Have I ever told you my love for trees? Well the trees along the St Petersburg harbor are one of a kind (probably not, but they are in my book!)
So of course, I got JoJo to climb the tree with me to recreate a pic I have from many moons before
After lunch (which was super yummy!) we all piled in the minivan and drove our way to Siesta Key (right outside of Sarasota).
My MIL found a great condo a few hundred yards from the beach - we were able to go downstairs and walk over to the beach whenever we liked. It was fantastic!
We had beach cruisers to get around and with town being not but a block from us, it was absolutely perfect! The girls did yoga on the beach one morning, we had many delicious nights out to dinner, stumbled on Beer Olympics in a bar one night & just really enjoyed some relaxing with the fam.

Our last night there, the sunset was gorgeous! We did a HH right on the beach and it was perfect!

We unfortunately came home to 1/3 of a tree down in the backyard, so instead of relaxing like we had planned... we were chopping up a tree - but there are definitely worse things that could happen!
Ready for another vacation ASAP!!!

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  1. Yay for family vaca! Looks like tons of fun! Love me some gorgeous sunset pics :) And sorry about the tree when you got home..no fun! Last year when we went to Hawaii with the fam..my SIL's house sitter set fire to her kitchen... :/


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