Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend Thangs

This weekend was full. But all thangs were fun, so I dont mind the busy.
Friday, I took off from work did some grocery shopping in the morning and then met my faves for lunch. The Bestest & I are both gyro obsessed, and we hadnt met for one in quite some time, so we took the opportunity to give in to our craving. It was so good to catch up & of course see those precious babes.

These outtakes made me laugh... I think the grown ups enjoy the "sugars" more than the babes.

That afternoon/night I made "Sunday Sauce" and homemade pasta. One more thing off the 30 Before 30 List... Stay tuned later this week for the deets.

Saturday I celebrated Baby Bischoff with co-workers.. cannot wait to meet the sweet girl & finally learn her name!
Saturday night we went to an old roomie's wedding. Love Glenn (yes, *gasp* I lived with boys) and Kathleen! the wedding was perfect, Kathleen looked gorgeous & they are the sweetest couple! Looking forward to them moving to the metroplex at the end of the month

Gotta love an aggie wedding (aggie war hymn) Whoop!
My parents had yet to meet the twins, so Sunday the Masseys came over and we just BBQ'd and hung out. It was perfect weather for the day. So thankful to have such great friends. (just wish we lived closer!!)

I love baby with beer pictures & her fridge face  :)
By Sunday night J was oh.so.ready to get home and relax.... he was a big brat! BUUUUT the weekend was a blast & I loved spending time with so many people that we love!

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