Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five (ish) for Friday! (6.21.13)

Its always good when you don't know the date to label your post - such is life these days!
Linking up with Lauren today to share whats been going on this week!
We got home from our Dway Vacay on Thursday (more on that next week) and on Friday enjoyed one last day of being off work with the bestests.
My has an obsession with these babies (& of course, I mean that in the least creepy way possible!)
 A pic of all the girls - fav!

Saturday we celebrated sweet Landon's 2nd birthday
Its crazy how time flies! All of the sweet babes were there - its going to be so fun to see this bunch of kiddos grow up together!
Sunday we attempted to celebrate this crazy guy for Fathers Day

J&I set up an impromptu brunch, complete with a mimosa and bloody mary bar; however if you know anything about old Scotty Potty, is if there is a project to be done - that takes priority!

He may not have partaken in our waffles, bacon, or beverage bars, but he did get my dining room table project started and enjoyed a few cold ones afterwards!
Since we didn't make waffles Sunday - we enjoyed Chicken and Waffles on Monday night (Max's Wine Dive Style - with Champagne!)
I love peonies - J put them all around the house this week. Such a nice hubby!
I went to the Rangers game this week with my work girls - Can we call these team building and go weekly????
I got my hair done this week... I may have told you before, my mom is my hair dresser... she doesn't really ask what I want. I said trim, she heard inches - Luckily for her I don't care either way - 5 years ago there would have been a severe crying meltdown :)
Looking forward to the weekend - & sorta wishing that it was a summer break instead of just a few days... oh, growing up is over-rated!


  1. I love peonies! And mason jars (doesn't everything taste better from one?)!

  2. Beverage bars are my fav! And it's so much fun to watch your friend's kids grow up... makes ya can't wait (but kind can) to add your own to bunch and watch them all together. So much fun :) Hope you have a great weekend girly!


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