Monday, August 19, 2013

Kinda Awkward

Its been so long since I have truly updated this blog, that I don't even know where to start... No I have no real excuse for my absence... But I will try to give some anyway.. I've been busy? Not really..  I've been a total failure at taking pictures (super true) I've been reading? (Not good enough?) Well, I guess the truth is I just haven't felt like life has been exciting enough to report about? But... my mother pointed out yesterday how I have neglected this little baby, and I do have pictures to share if nothing else..
So, the easiest thing to start with is this past weekend! Then I will catch you up on other things that have been happening.
This last week was Dallas Restaurant Week - basically really great restaurants have a fixed menu for $35 and a portion goes to charity. Its a great way to try new places, or go back to old favorites and still supporting a cause. 
Thursday we went to Hibiscus with my in-laws.. picture fail, but the meal was delicious and the company was wonderful! It is one of my favorite restaurants, and so glad that it didn't disappoint with a fixed menu.
Friday it was girls night, and we went to Eddie V's. J&I had gone there for our anniversary and I wasn't all that impressed; however this visit totally made up for that experience. The food was amazing, and our waiter could not have been better. To quote Whit "He was the best server I've had in my life" and she used to be a server, so it means something.

I hadn't been out with the ladies in quite a while, so it was a great excuse to catch up & laugh until I cried.
Saturday J&I babysat the bestest's sweet babes.
This was Uncle J's first official babysitting job - He gets a C... minus.
We played:
We smelled Uncle J's nasty shoes:
We Bathed:
We acted like gangsters:
& then we went night night... This is where that C- comes in....Uncle J thought it would be funny to creepily sing "Hush little baby, don't you cry" over the baby monitors and woke you sweet girls up.... Screaming. An hour later Auntie Ashley had them back down for the night and I found Uncle J like this:
So really, he should have gotten a D. But I will be forgiving since he's a first timer.
Sunday we had family dinner with my parents (picture fail) See, I'm telling ya, who wants to read blog posts without pictures... eeesh, I will get better again, I promise.
We did stop by the Cabreras for a minute and I got to love on this sweet boy.
I love baby-filled weekends!
Hope your weekend was equally as happy!


  1. Hahahaha! What a fun babysitting night! And yeah, you technically had to babysit 3 ;) Glad you gave an update girly..even though I see all the fun via IG :)

  2. Ahhh- love this!! P&J love ya'll and the crazy antics of Uncle J.. even down to his stinky shoes. We will be taking pictures this weekend!!! Love!


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