Friday, August 23, 2013

Super Random Things

I figured the best way to finish catching you up on life the past few months, was to show you the random things that didn't really deserve their own posts..
1. Baby Tapella is a girl!! (I am aware that this pic does not show the balloons, but Jacqueline's face is too precious not to share!
2. I got the Miracurl and I can finally curl my own hair... sweeeeet!
3. We hosted supper club & made this recipe. I very highly suggest it.
4. I spent some serious times with these babes ((& their momma))

5. Spoiled My Boog with walks, playtime and snuggles

6. If you live in the North Texas area. Whiskey Cake. Do it. Brunch. Lunch. Happy Hour. Dinner. Its all good.
7. I've started working out. I hate it.
8. Layla turned 6; Cake and cookies from Three Dog Bakery
9. I spent some time with the bestie
10. Eat this. Seriously. I suggest with celery.
11. We finished the dining room ((Details to come next week))
That's about it... now we are all caught up and we can be normal friends again :) Happy weekend yall!

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