Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This past weekend was my brother's birthday, and his sweet girlfriend, Chara, planned for my parents, J&I to surprise him by coming down to Houston.
Now, Zaky is the guy who wants to guess his gift before opening it. Like shake it, listen to it, feel it... this can go on for 10 minutes, when if he just opened it, he would have had instant gratification... so imagine what poor Chara has been going through over the last few weeks while he thoughts something fishy was going on. Even last Thursday he called me and I nearly cracked!
On our drive in the clouds were incredible... J&I just kept commenting on how surreal it all looked. It was a good reminder of the simple things...
We were successful on our surprise though - I wish there was a picture of how I surprised him.. it was a full on leap attack over the couch - it was perfection.
Chara did such a fantastic job - Saturday night we went out to dinner, but before we went out she set up a wine and whiskey tasting, with cheeses and other appetizers. I LOVE her serving dishes and the idea was perfect!
This pic doesnt do it justice - I once again FAILED at picture taking!
Then we went out to dinner to Benjys.. holy delish! Seriously, so.good. Houston has the best foodie places! If you are there, you should go. Seriously.

Sunday we did a whole lot of lounging and watching football - Zak's kinda day for sure. That night we went to the House of Blues for a Marc Broussard concert. This was the first time any of them had seen Marc or really heard much of his music - and per usual he did not disappoint... we now have 4 more Marc fans in the fam!

Overall, we had a great time just hanging out with everyone! So glad that Chara put it all together!
Happy 25th Zak!!

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  1. You look BEAUTIFUL in all your pictures!! What a fun weekend:) Love you outfits, girl. LOVE you!


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