Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five for Friday (11.2.12)

How is it November?????? Seriously people, this year has flown by!
Linking up with Lauren, for this week's five highs.
1. I took some time off of work this week (Monday and Tuesday) to spend with my bedrest ridden bestie while her hubs was out hunting for a few days. Lots of girl talk, Dinsey movie watching and hanging out, which would have been a high on its own; however I also was able to take Amber to the doctor and see those babes first hand in a sonogram. LOVE! Cant wait to meet these girls!

2. I have had a giftcard to DSW from my MIL since last Christmas... if you know me, you know that this is unheard of... usually giftcards are burning holes in my pockets! But I am so glad that I held out.. I got a CUTE pair of boots this week (& I had a coupon, so I still have money left on the giftcard! I think some pumps are calling my name!)
3. I got a lot of cuddling from this bug this week... not sure whats gotten into her!
4. Halloween was this week... We did things a little different this year with a Mexican dinner and some margaritas... I wasnt complaining.
Although I will say it was a far cry from our first Halloween together where all the kiddos were taking pictures in the yard on our red carpet!

I have officially decided that 2013 we will not be Halloween scrooges and maybe we will even throw a parrr-taayyyy.... (i have a year to work on the hubs!)
5. I get to spend some time with this girl...
&& have a few other fun things up my sleeve!
Have a great weekend!

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