Sunday, September 2, 2012

Going, going.. Back, back.. to Cali, cali..

For our anniversary, J said we would go on vacation the weekend of August 23rd... I'm not sure he banked on me harrassing him until it was booked, but I shamlessly did.

We had narrowed it down to 3 cities: Denver, San Diego or Nashville (J did not get on this bandwagon). I text Matty and told him to sell his city (San Diego)... and well, I kinda wish I had saved the text message to share, because he did a damn good job. J&I were sold!

A warning in advance, this is a loooong post - it was 6 days! Sorry!!

Packing was difficult.... and I over-packed by about a week's worth of clothes, but whatever!

I dont think I was the only one excited... my cousin sent this to me on Wednesday!

We left Thursday morning and arrived to a cloudy, muggy San Diego, but we didnt care! We stayed right down in the Gaslamp District at the Hilton. The loft style room we had, was amazing... can I have these cutains for my house, please?!

We settled in, and just walked around the area. Petco Park (Home of the Padres) is actually a city park on a normal day. Its a gorgeous stadium - too bad the Padres are terrible???

We stumbled on a place called Barleymash - we loved everything about it... especially this drinky!

 That night, Matty came and picked us up ((By the way, Matty is one of my oldest, best friends. We grew up in Chicago together starting in middle school, even after my move to Texas, and his to Cali, we have remained great friends - he even walked my mom down the aisle at my wedding!)) We went out to Old Town San Diego.. if you could take Tiajuana and move it to the states this could be it! I completely failed at picture taking, but the food as amazing and the atmosphere was adorable!

Afterwards, Matt asked if we wanted to ride a rollercoaster.. I thought he was kidding, but he was dead serious.. and it was an awesome, unexpected turn of the evening at Belmont Park

Friday, J&I headed over to the infamous San Diego Zoo - it was a great day!

That night we met Matty & his girlfriend, Keri Ann (who is more than amazing, and I have already threatened him, if he messes it up!) in Little Italy for some amazing eats and some bar hopping around the Gaslamp District

Saturday morning we were on our way to La Jolla to kayak into the Seven Caves - it was amazing, even if J&I almost had 'divorce by kayak' in the first 20 minutes - the good news? We made it :)

After our kayaking experience, we walked the La Jolla area

We all know my obsession with trees...... this one was amazing!

The most fashionable ice cream ever!

I found Searsucker on yelp, and it became an obsession that I was going! It was amazing... I have no pictures of it, but if you are visiting the area, I highly suggest it. Its delicous, trendy, and the atmosphere is right up my alley.

Downside of traveling alone?? Attempting self photos...

Sunday, my cousin and his wife came and picked us up and we headed over to Temecula for a fun day of wine tasting with my family... can you say perfection??

Monday we were off to Disney - you cant do SoCal without Disney!

We did the Park Hopper so we could do both Disneyland and California Adventure Park... it was perfect! We got old school Disney and new school.. the coolest thing I have ever seen though, was the World of Color water show... Its incredible. It was 40 minutes of amazingness...

We leave for Vegas in just a few weeks, and well, sorry Bellagio, you've got nothin on this...

I love this - A real car we saw in SD and one at Disney...

Tuesday, it was time to go... so sad. I was not ready to leave. at.all.

But I can admit, I sure did miss this face...

Such an amazing trip... sad to be back to the real world.. already missing my friends.. and missing my family even more... Thanks hubby for a fabulous week!


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