Wednesday, September 5, 2012

J3A Date

There are few other people I would want to spend a day with than our families.

A J3A (Jarrett, Justin, Jordan - Ashley) date was the best way to start our weekend!

JoJo & I had a sister date to the Allen Shopping Outlets. New purses were in our sight. My goal was to find a cross-body purse since my trusty Fossil purse finally had to go to Purse Heaven... JoJo was looking for a black purse... I didnt take pics of our goodies, but we might have both  gotten a black purse and a cross body - OH HAPPY DAY! & yes, our cross bodies match - dont judge!

AAAAND to make our purse success even better, when I was transferring my things over to my new purse I just so happened to find my Michael Kors watch that I thought I had lost!!

After all that happiness we headed over to Splitsville for a little bowling - Champagne & Bowling in fact...

After bowling we went to watch the Tech game and BBQ at J&J's. It was a great day to our lazy Labor Day weekend.


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