Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

While we were at Disney, one of my besties, Kelley, called. She had an opportunity to get some Cowboys tickets for last Wednesday - & of course we jumped on the chance!

J was suppossed to go, but he had a fantasy draft, so me, Kell & Jojo left him home looking like this:

His face only got sadder as I text him our progress of the evening. I am pretty sure the only bad thing that happened all night was the freakin traffic on the way to the game.... but we made it finally and only good things were to come.

Kelley had access to the Miller Lite Tailgate - which we thoroughly enjoyed:

We had tickets on the upper deck; however thanks to this guy -

Our husbands' friend, Kyle - we ended up in a suite... um, hell yes?!

& then he hooked us up to go down to the Miller Lite Club (field level)

Oh hey, Husband! ((D.Ware))

Love these ladies!

Such an epic night - I'll be your wing-woman anytime Miss Kelley! MUAH!


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