Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blast from the Past

One of my oldest friends from elementary school in Chicago called a few weeks ago and said he was coming into town to take a test for the Irving Fire Department. He just completed paramedic school and is now looking to be an EMT on a FD and just might be looking for a change.. like moving to the great state of Texas!

The first night Scott got in, we went and visited the Masseys. Miss Amber has been put on strict bed rest, and I wanted to stop by and give her a BIG hug and bring her some goodies to keep her busy. Afterwards we grabbed dinner and took it easy at home. Not only was I thankful Scott was in town, but I was EXTRA thankful that he cam ein on Wednesday since J was in Austin for 2 days last week... & this girl does not like to stay the night at home alone. :)

Thursday Heather came out & J got home and we went to the Food Trucks in Addison, then to our neighbor's bar - The Hub. Friday morning, I was definitely showing my age... shots are NOT for me any more!

When we got home we kept enjoying the amazing weather.

Friday night we headed to Nate's for dinner

Then to Oktoberfest in Addison

Where J won a cutie Hello Kitty... that we gave to a little girl - so cute!

Saturday morning was Scott's test - I took him early in the morning, then headed out to FM for Amber's first Baby(ies) Shower... Which deserves its own post of course!

We went to dinner at Max's Wine Dive that finally open in Dallas - as expected, delish! We headed back to Addison for the rest of the night for some drinkys

Scott finds out in 2 weeks how he did on his test... then will see if the Lonestar state is in his future!


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