Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

With work being so crazy lately, J&I decided the perfect way to celebrate would be a weekend get away. We had planned on leaving Thursday; however I didnt get out of work as early as I had planned and flights were a bit full (gotta love going standby!)

Early Friday we were off to San Antonio! First stop? Sea World! 

After Sea World we headed to our hotel - Hotel Valencia. It was perfect - I highly suggest it for anyone who is headed down to stay on the Riverwalk. It has easy access to the river, but isnt right in the hustle and bustle on the riverwalk. No complaints from this girl!

Friday night, my old roomie, Glenn & his fiance, Kathleen met us for some drinks. I was so excited to see them, since its been waay too long!

Saturday we slept in... ::HEAVEN:: then headed to lunch and the riverwalk

Next stop - The Alamo!!! But of course, J wouldn't just let me see the Alamo.. he tortured me with The Alamo movie... But then, I was finally "allowed" to see the main show.

My office-mate, Marion, had told me about The Menger Bar, Which Teddy Roosevelt used to hang out at, so we made our way over there after the Alamo... Its really neat, but I could NEVER sleep at that hotel.. it for sure has spirits!

That night we had our anniversary dinner at Boudro's on the Riverwalk. We had a great table - prime spot for people watching! The food was amazing - another highly recommended spot in my opinion!

Sunday we had planned to take an extra early flight home... again, standby had other plans, so we got to drive this bad boy home. Don't be yealous!

We picked up Boog from my parents... and she wouldn't look at us or even pay attention to us... Apparently Grandma&Grandpa are way cooler than mom&dad.

Monday - 4.16.12: We picnicked at the Dallas Arboretum

I had no idea that your anniversary is like your birthday.... we recieved so much facebook love and cards from family. Thanks so much!!! ((There is clearly a shortage of 1 year anniversay cards - ha!))

Our bakery [Romano's] does a free topper for your anniversary - its just as yummy as I remember!

On Saturday this was the Love is... how appropriate!

Looking forward to many more anniversaries!!


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