Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Things

I hate that the weekends go by so quickly... even when I extend them into 3 days... None-the-less, I had a great weekend; busy, yet lazy, if that makes any sense!
Friday I took off of work to spend the day with Miss Amber, celebrate her birthday and pretend to be on bedrest too (with exception of when she needed something of course!)
Our day was full of girl talk, cooking shows, Say Yes to the Dress, and lounging.
I made dinner in the coveted Chocolate Broccoli kitchen. We had an easy spinach salad with cranberries, pine nuts, goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette. I made a delish Bruschetta Chicken, Artichoke Lemon Twice Baked Potatoes (ironically a Chocolate Broccoli recipe... with some changes of course), and Brusselsprouts (our mutual love for the green makes us happy since both hubbies are not down with the brusselsprouts!).
I was cheating on Layla (dont tell!) with Brittany that night... such a sweet puppy!
I am pretty sure that Parker & Jolie are going to be gymnasts... they are not just kicking - they are doing flips in there!!
Saturday morning I headed home - wedding ring-less... Go me! So Sunday morning I paid another visit to the Massey household :)
JoJo & I had a day-date Saturday.. it consisted of wedding dress shopping for a Sister Trash the Dress photoshoot we have next week. We had lots of fun and found a winner! Getting so excited for the shoot!
Saturday night we had Jenna & Philip's couples shower.. I didnt do a great job on my picture taking... I dont even have a picture of the couple!

It was crummy weather in Texas all weekend long, so after the shower, Heather, J & Me all headed to our house and watched a movie while drinking wine.. absolute perfection in my book!
As usual, Sunday was lazy (except for my drive to Argyle to get my ring, and stopping by to see Miss Kelley's new place)...
I hope you have a great week!

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