Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday (10.26.2012)

This Friday marks the last "relaxing" weekend for a few weeks.. not that this weekend has nothing going on by any means.. I will get to that later though.
Linking up with Lauren for this weeks highs...
1. Broken Bow - cant wait for our next trip!
2. Supper Club - love these peeps.. they are my fav
3. I worked the Klyde Warren Park Grand Opening... the DFF team did such an amazing job, and big congrats to Amanda - her organization made regsitration such a success!
4. Our Christmas cards got delivered... shhhhhhh!! I know its only October, but I was on it as soon as I picked a picture! yay!
5. We bought Marc tickets!! yayayayaya!
This weekend we have a cutie date night, brewery tour, lingerie shower, and Sunday FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!!
Hope yall have a good weekend.. and to my fellow Dallas peeps, Bundle up!


  1. Your high five is way better than mine:)

  2. supper club - sounds like fun!! and i'm impressed you already have your christmas cards!!


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