Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Broken Bow

This past weekend we headed up to Oklahoma for the ultimate R&R - it was perfection, but I do wish we were able to stay a few days longer.. and maybe that my phone worked even less than it did!
The trip did reconfirm that I am not roadtrip material. I have flown everywhere all of my life. The only long roadtrip I have ever been on was from Dallas to Chicago.. 18 looong hours of winding, hilly roads, and being video taped and laughed at while my face was in a bag.. pretty picture, right?
Good news for J, I didnt get that bad, but it wasnt pretty. Heres the only picture I took on our way up there

The cabin is so perfect!
J&I arrived Friday afternoon and basically did nothing. It was amazing - J did fish..
When I was little, my Dad and I used to fish all the time, so I was able to teach J to properly remove a fish from the hook - my Dad would be so proud ((Minus the fact that I refused to touch the fish - its been over 15 years since I have been fishing, people, dont judge!))
We cooked an amazing dinner (with lots of adventures included, I wish I captured a picture of making mashed potatoes in a blender) and set up the patio for some cuddling and move time. It was true perfection - it was a bit cold, but blankets and lots of red wine warmed us up!
Saturday morning Justin and JoJo drove up and we spent the day, lazy as can be, watching football and enjoying the quiet. (Be sure to check her blog - she has some great pics!)
We did do a photo session
But I can promise that this particular photo will not be coming to a Christmas card near you anytime soon!
Then we took our spots on the patio, had dinner and drinks and watched Hocus Pocus (why did I think that movie was so much more exciting than it really is???)

Sunday it was already time to leave --- sad day!
 But it sure does feel good to see this sign!

The trip home was 87609584326572093495 times better than the way there. We found a route that was all large highways and I didnt get sick one bit!
I cant wait for our next trip to the wilderness!!! (yes, I know, I know, its not the wilderness... but this is as close to camping this girls is going to get!)



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