Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday (10.5.12)

Its already that time again! Posting my Top 5 for the week, and linking up with Lauren..
I am sure many of you see nothing wrong with this... my husband on the other hand would/should freak out at any moment.. I guess its a test of if he reads the blog on his own, or if only when I make him proof-read... if you know J, Please, please, please dont tell!!! A week ago I switched our diplomas... you see his usually sits higher than mine, however just for fun I moved it around. My husband has quite a few OCD tendancies, and when I am really bored, I like to move things and then watch him come along and move them back to their "place"... every time he goes in our office, I get simple joy that he hasnt noticed. Its the simple things peeps!
Our house is getting fall ready... I hope to be ready to share after the weekend!
I have mentioned before that one of my friends I grew up with in Chicago has just moved to Dallas... well she found a house (not but 2 miles from us! YAY) and her fabulous momma was in town this week. We got to enjoy their company, a few beers, and wings... not so much enjoying the Cowboys/Bears game, but thats another story.. Love seeing them!
This week's weather has been amazing... this picture doesnt really show that, since this weekend is going to be cold and cruddy, but October 1st arrived Monday, and like a behaving child, brought in the perfect weather.. Have I ever told you October is my favorite month? If J wouldnt have proposed in May I totally would have gotten married in October!
Ahhhh the weekend is here! Looking forward to College Football Saturday at the Tapellas with my favorite people! Gig em Aggies!

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