Thursday, February 4, 2016

Family Meet & Greet: Round 1

Do you ever feel like life gets away from you? I am someone who is always in control. My life, my job, everything I do takes structure and organization. 2016 has seemed to be off to a wild, unruly and completely disorganized start. And I hate it.

Work started out strange at CFP, being plagued with the flu directly afterwards, G being sick that lead to surgery, I went off to Houston and then my grandmother passed away last week. Cancer sucks.

We celebrated her life over the weekend. I am so glad that we made the choice to bring Grayson, although it was a bit stressful, it was nice to have a little burst of happiness among all of the events. I am so glad that she had the opportunity to come down this summer and meet G - I know she was excited about being a great-grandma and I am glad we have pictures of him with her.

The trip was fast and furious - we decided on Thursday night we would bring G, left Saturday morning and were back in Dallas late Monday night.

G was a champ on his first flight (more on this next week)

I loved watching G meet family and friends. He truly is a good baby - he will go to anyone, content to just be held, etc.

But for the first time, I noticed him take extra likings to some people. He loved my Aunt LizAnn... I mean loved loved loved her. He kept hugging her neck and pulling her face in for sugars. It was the sweetest. I had never seen him do that to anyone besides J&I.

He met my cousins, Lauren & Melissa, my Uncle Mark, Uncle John, Aunt Maryann, Aunt Rhonda and Auntie Holly... along with a slew of other people.

But he also really loved my Uncle Phil - who has always been known as a baby whisperer. G examined his face, played with his beard for a second and passed out. For an hour. Uncle Phil didn't know he was going to get a 20 pound workout on his left side that night! Sorry for the bad quality of photo but its still too cute to not share

G was just the sweetest and go with the flow all weekend long... we are so lucky!

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