Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chara's Bride Tribe

This past weekend I was able to celebrate my sister-girl for her Bachelorette Party. It was so fun to celebrate her and although we joke about how annoying my brother is, I love him to pieces and could not imagine a better, more amazing woman than Chara to be his wife. My family is so lucky to have her and literally I wouldn't trade her for anything!

We headed out to Scottsdale for the weekend. It was so funny to hear people ask "Why Scottsdale?" and I didn't really know the answer, but after being there, I would go back a million more times. I really would love for J&I to go. There's outdoorsy things to do during the day, golf, spa & plenty of nightlife to be had. Its on our list, for sure.

Thursday we arrived, got settled and had a relaxing night in.

Friday we got up and headed out to the desert for a tomcar desert tour. This is something totally out of my wheelhouse, but we had THE best time! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Friday night was our big night out: predrinks, dinner, and out to bars/clubs.

Saturday's moral of the story is: I'm too old for this nonsense.
We went to the spa and I had an amazing massage... but there was a lot of downtime Saturday... Thank.the.Lord!

Saturday night we went to a Craft Brew Fest and had dinner in Old Town.

Can we talk about what an amazing FaceTimer G is?! ugh - my favorite!

Although I had a great time on the trip, getting home and seeing my babe was awesome. Traveling for work vs traveling for fun is just so different.

I didn't know any of the girls except for one before the weekend, but we had the best time & are still all on a group text days later. I cannot wait to see everyone again at the wedding - I know we will have a blast!

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