Monday, February 8, 2016

Grayson Daniel: 7 months

Here we are. Another month has flown by. Seriously out of control, yall.

Our Rough In Home Estimates:

Weight: 21.5 lbs
Height: 28-ish in

We are still nursing. My original goal was 6 months, but that came and went and I don't really have a plan now. Then I said when he sprouted a tooth it would be game over, but that also has passed. I guess we will nurse until he says otherwise... or he turns one. For now, we nurse and during the week I pump about 4 times a day. This gives me enough milk to send to school the next day and some extra to store away. My hoarding days are over, but I do still freeze some milk every week.

As you know we started solids last month. G has been eating like a champ, no surprise there of course. Taking one look at him and you know the kid eats well. I have been mixing purees in with the oatmeal and also doing them separate. He is digging the veggies for sure - butternut squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini, peas, yellow squash. Apples, mangos and pears are good too, but he hated blueberries. Like spit them out at me hate. Noted, kid. Noted.

I have given him bites of pasta in Chicago - had to give him the real deal! and other random things that I am eating. I have put cheerios, puffs and teething crackers on his high chair table while he waits for me to get dinner ready. Getting it from tray to mouth isn't a problem, but once its there hes not sure what to do with it yet. I would say the teething cracker was the most successful.

In Chicago, I picked up some of the pouch purees to give him since we didn't bring any solids with us - he enjoyed them, so when we got home I grabbed some more for nights where we are on the go. But I also bought all the gear to make my own squeeze guys, so I have that in my back pocket as well.

Just this past Friday we sent purees and oatmeal to school for lunch. I loved logging into the portal and seeing that he "really liked" what we sent. It will be fun to see how they rank his tastes on the foods to come.  We are also thinking about maybe starting with more of a baby led weaning type approach to dinner. I bought veggie burgers last week, but then made a shit ton of purees. Honestly, this solid foods thing has me confused. I have picked the bestest's brain and some other mommas on what works for them. I guess its a bit of trial and error at this point. If any of you mommas out there want to share what works for you or did work for your kiddos at this age, I am all ears!

Naps are still irregular. Typically he is still napping about 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. Every few days he will surprise me by sneaking in a good one hour nap. If only he would make that his regular routine!

Nights have been ok. He wakes like a little alarm clock at 11 every night to feed. And then again between 3 and 4. Then there are some nights where he surprises us and will only wake once around 2. This weekend we started sleep training. Friday we struggled for 30 minutes around 10:30 pm (and by "we" I mean J... I was in Missouri for the night) but then he slept until 7am. Saturday night he slept 8pm - 6am no problems. So fingers crossed we have a sleeping baby on our hands!

Random sleep tidbits:
  • He sleeps anywhere. Its nice to not have to be at home for naps/nighttime.
  • 9 times out of 10 when I look at the monitor he has both hands behind his head like he is relaxed as ever. I love seeing him sleep like this!
  • If I would let him, he would snuggle on me to sleep all night long.
  • There were a handful of times this month while I was on the phone and we were rocking in his chair he would just lay his head on my chest and snooze. Ugh - can they stay this little and sweet forever?! please!

Sometimes I think he naps terribly at school because he doesn't want to miss anything. When I pick him up he is always so busy. Tummy time chatting away, sitting at a toy smacking every key in reach or in the exersaucer bouncing around like a crazy.

His playfulness continues at home where he has every toy under the sun. His demeanor is just the sweetest, and he always looks at you to be sure you are watching him play. While in Chicago I started to try to teach him to "high five" Its hit or miss, but we will keep working on it! Whats cuter than a little boy high fiving, I mean, come on!?

Still only rolling over when he feels like it, which is rarely. Doesn't seem like he has much desire to be on the move yet either. He is sitting up like a champ though. Peek-a-boo is definitely a favorite activity that makes him giggle. He is so ticklish, but nothing/no one can make him belly laugh like Layla. Their little duo they have going on warms my heart daily. And grosses me out. Open mouth kisses - I need not say more. Ew.

**Edit - I typically write these posts over a few nights leading up to the "big" day. Its Sunday night, before this will post tomorrow morning, and just tonight G has started scooching in circles, and putting his booty in the air with his knees down trying to get to things while playing on the floor. I guess this immobile stage that we have been enjoying is about to be over. Eeeek!

He loves to be read to and continues to love when Daddy plays the guitar


  • He loves to give sugars (kisses)
  • We sprouted tooth number 2!
  • He has been babbling up a storm. I cant wait for his first real words that he knows what he is saying. Theres a lot of mamamamamamama's happening but it doesn't seem like they are directed towards me. But the day it is -- melt. I might die.
  • Bath time is by far a favorite time of day
  • He has started taking more interest in other babies
  • He loves school. & his teachers (And so do we!)
  • He hasn't cried much in the car lately. Between his paci, toy or little monkey guy hanging from his car seat, he has seemed pretty content
  • He loves to play with his feet & stick them in his mouth. If its not his hands, its his feet
  • Going along with that - pulling off his socks. love its. LOVES it.
  • Blowing raspberries is still hilarious to him. But now when I try to burp him and he isn't interested or when he thinks he is being funny he will blow raspberries on my face or arms. Its pretty cute.
  • He is wearing a variety of sizes these days, depending on the brand. 9month jam jams from Carters or Hanna Andersson seem to fit best, but Gap/Old Navy 6 month jams still fit. Most of his clothes are still 6 months, except for "real" pants (jeans, khakis, etc) I had to upgrade to 12 month in Gap and Oshkosh. Boy has a big booty ... or legs whichever! He has to wear 12 month socks, otherwise they are rolling down his cankles.
  • His favorite toys are Mary, the rolly ball, stacking rings, teethers and anything that makes the crunching noise... and anything that he can chew on.
  • His personality is starting to really shine through. Easy going, Happy go Lucky, Curious and a Hangry Monster.

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