Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ear Probs

As you've read G's monthly updates, you have learned that our poor little dude has been suffering from sever ear infections. This last time his ears did not heal from the antibiotics... the same stupid antibiotics that I was forcing down his poor little throat. So he ended up with an antibiotic shot and an appointment at the ENT.

Luckily for us my brother works as an ENT medical device salesman so he was able to help us find one of the best Dallas has to offer which eased my worries right off the bat. In our initial appointment they looked at G's ears and saw that although he was no longer infected, he did still have fluid built up. So we did a hearing test.

The hearing test confirmed that sound was muffled for G. That was news to me. He had been responded to sound just fine. Responding to his name, etc.

But in further talks with the doctor it was clear that the right decision was to get tubes put in. I had them when I was younger and J had been plagued with ear infections through his childhood as well. I wasn't surprised at this decision, so we made the appointment to have the surgery just a week later.

Unfortunately, the day before surgery I was diagnosed with the flu (& no I did not get my flu shot, spare me the lecture) so I was unable to go with the surgery. Luckily Mimi & Pops were able to join Daddy. I got up early that morning and sent them off.

Daddy sent me some pics of this sweet boy

I was getting constant updates from J and the surgery was over within 10 minutes and G was back to Jarrett within 15 more minutes. Everything was a success! G was super hungry afterward, he hadn't been able to eat for several hours prior to surgery and in his little world, that is THE WORST.

My Mom was here when they got back to watch him for the day so I could rest and J could go to work. He was his happy little self, just a little more sleepy than usual.

Since surgery G has been great. Nothing seems to be bothering him. He is sleeping much better. Not perfectly, but much much better than before. The doctor said that they drained quite a bit from his ears, so it is funny to see him hear things differently and hear things that maybe he didn't before. You can see his shock when he hears something new - its the sweetest.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Its never easy to decide to put your baby under anesthesia but heres to hoping this time it pays off.

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