Monday, January 11, 2016

Grayson Dnaiel: 6 Months

Happy 1/2 Birthday to our sweet boy! One year ago from his 6 month birthday, J&I announced our pregnancy! Funny how things work that way.

Weight: 19 lbs, 11 ounces {85th%}
Height: 27 3/4" {90th%}
Head: 44 cm {55th%}

Overall Dr. Pass said G-Man is healthy, proportionate and strong. Poor babe has been plagued with ear infections. 3 of them.. and the last one he had, still isn't gone. This booger was refusing his meds... blowing raspberries, spitting it  out, pursing his lips... it made being the medicine giver not easy, or fun. So at his appointment we had them give him an antibiotics shot and he will have to return on Tuesday for the rest of his scheduled shots. 

While I am talking about his ear infections, we have an appointment next week with an ENT to have G's ears looked at. I have a feelings that tubes are in our future, but we will wait and see what they have to say.

Eat: We have continued on the same schedule and ounces. ((6 ounces; 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10... sometimes more in the middle of the night)) I don't think I will ever say that eating is a problem. He truly is a champ. The week leading up to his 6 month mark, we started solids. He loved it and is continuing to love it all. As I write this post, he has tried the peas and butternut squash. Loving both. Dr Pass told us today that we can up the amounts we are feeding him if he is really enjoying it. So we will see how that goes. I think the next on the list will be zucchini..

Sleep: I think this goes hand and hand with the ear infections.. and teething. Poor babe. He is taking (3) 30 minute naps a day while at school. Since we have started solids, we started a new routine. Dinner around 6:45 pm/7:00 pm, bath, bedtime story, cuddles, then bed, which ends up being anywhere between 8:00 pm/9:00 pm pending on G.

We tend to be golden until about 10:00 pm/11:00 pm and he wakes to eat. Then again around 1:00 am. For a while he was waking from about 3:00 am - 5:00 am just to be held... Exhausting. So. EXHAUSTING. I have no idea how he functions all day. I know I walk around like a zombie. But every single day his teachers tell me how happy he is. Its unbelievable.

We spoke at length about this with our doctor today, once he is healthy, I think we will end up doing some sort of sleep training. Research needs to be done before I figure out what that will entail, but we will get some real sleep sooner or later around the Dunaway House.

He is starting his nights in his room, but at that 3:00 am mark he makes his way to our room in the pack and play.. Some day he will sleep in his room all night, every night. Someday

Play: Oh my word. This boy loves to play, jibber jabber, and laugh his booty off. Peek-a-boo and "The Claw" (tickling) are by far his favorites.

We spoke to the doctor about him not turning over still and the lack of pushing up with his chest/arms. After putting him on his belly and seeing how he held himself, she assured us that all is fine. He is plenty strong, and just because he doesn't do something, doesn't mean he cant. His hand coordination and social skills are beyond the expectation of a 6 month old and she said that he may just bypass the rolling over mark. She did give us some thing we can do with him to help/ease our worries, so I know we will do that over the next months.

Other than that, business as usual.

  • G still loves his paci, but every now and then he will suck his thumb
  • He will blow raspberries when he is mad or frustrated
  • He deliberately pulls out his paci, plays with it, chews on it, and replaces it as he wishes
  • Late last month he really started responding to his name, this month he now chooses when to ignore us... selective hearing, YAY! ((insert sarcasm here))
  • Squealing and yelling are new this month. He is definitely learning how to use his voice
  • We are in size 3 diapers
  • Hes a bit clingier than he has been in the past
  • His hands are constantly in his mouth
  • He definitely knows the source of his milk. He will now hit my chest, pull my shirts or just dive bomb into me when its time to eat
  • G is so nosey. He has a hard time focusing on eating if we are out and about or people are around
  • First tooth popped the week of Christmas.. looks like a few more are on their way
  • Fits are in our future. I have started to tell him "no" and he does NOT like it.
  • We bought him a small chair for Christmas. He LOVES it. He would sit there for hours if we would let him.
  • He has started to pull my face to his for "sugars" (kisses)
  • When he is tired he plays with my hair or touches my face.. its the sweetest

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