Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Adventures With Honey & Dude

Over the years, J&I have loved being able to have time with the twins. They truly were my "first children". I treat them like my own and proudly respond to the name Auntie when they call me. Now that G is here, J&I get to cash in on some free babysitting we are owed. So while we were celebrating Zak and Chara this weekend, G got to hang with his favorite ladies (PBJ) and his Honey and Dude.

King Roy was retiring from the fire department, so G got to tag along and go to see where Uncle Dude works. Side note - I cannot wait until G is a little bit bigger and thinks what Jordan does is so COOL... I see many visits at the station along with his gal pals!

Amber kept me up to date on their day through pictures. Thank goodness we aren't at that stranger danger stage yet. He was able to be passed around the family members throughout the ceremony and gave Honey's arm a break!

I love that we will have an endless supply of pictures with these two. When they are older they will be so over us... but we just need to be sure we have their whole romance documented for the wedding slideshow someday.... duh.

Worn out! A day on the go with some of our favorite people truly wore this little dude out. He slept amazing that night!

Maybe next time this momma will be able to let him have his first of many sleepovers with his friends.... maybe....

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  1. My BFF had her son 2 weeks before my daughter was born. We're already planning their wedding :). It's fantastic that they get to grow up together!


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