Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grayson Daniel: Hospital Stay

Before I get started.. can we talk about my new blog design?! Love, love, LOVE - Aubrey nailed it!

G is 6 weeks old today - time is surely flying! I know its a bit silly to rewind and recap our hospital stay; however I want to be sure to document it all so when babe #2 is on the way I can remember how amazing and wonderful my experience was at Plano Presby and hopefully it will help calm my nerves that I will be sure to have again!

From being admitted to our discharge our experience was a fantastic one! Everyone was so friendly and helpful, but in particular my night nurse, Terry, was phenomenal. She was older, and grandmother-like. Not only did she physically help me, emotionally help me, but she also wasnt judgey. Lets be real for a minute - being at a baby friendly hospital is great! Your baby never leaves you after birth, they encourage breastfeeding, etc. HOWEVER, there is a lot of pressure to breastfeed and to not have your baby taken to the nursery, and well, after a major surgery, no sleep, crying baby, and emotions out the wazoo, you kinda need some time to sleep. & Terry helped a sister out (three nights in a row) with not feeling guilty about letting G-Man go to the nursery for the nights. Granted he came back to me for feedings 2 of the nights, but one night we did let them feed him and Terry even left without waking me because she was hell bent that I would get real sleep. Seriously people, heaven sent. I never got to see her again, but I surely left her a gift and a note because her help truly saved me those first days.

Besides the fabulous staff, good food and amazing care we received, we also had lots of visitors. Although I didnt take pics of everyone who came by.. here are a few

Uncle Dude and Honey came by on our first night

Uncle Justin & Auntie JoJo

Auntie Heather

These girls will be torturing this boy in no time

Miss Jacqueline & Mr Travis

The day after Amber & Jordan brought the girls to meet Grayson, I woke up to a text message "I think I am going to ruin Walsh's pancake breakfast. I think I'm in labor" 3 days early, Miss Baker Bree was going to make her debut. Amber and I had joked our entire pregnancy about being in the hospital at the same time, but since we were both having c-sections, we thought that it wasnt possible but sweet Baker had her own plans.

& with them 2 rooms down, we were able to meet that sweet babe that afternoon

I was discharged the next day but not before we took a million pictures of the babes together and a stroll down the hallway together

After 5 days of watching HGTV 24/7, and barely leaving our room besides our daily strolls around the halls, I was so ready to leave, until it was Monday and the real world settled in with no breakfast brought to us, no nurses to help, and the meds not as great. It was the start to the hardest week of my 31 years... and there were many times that I wished I could be back in room 483.

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  1. I'm SO postpartum. Love this post! And the new blog design!


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