Monday, August 10, 2015

Grayson Daniel Dunaway: 1 Month

Its unbelievable to me that a month has already passed us by! But we've made it! We have kept our sweet little nugget not only alive and well but also a strong and growing. 

This boy EATS & its no joking matter. When he is ready to eat, you are already 5 minutes late to have the bottle ready or your nursing bra unsnapped, and a serious meltdown ensues. 
My milk came in on Day 3, and my supply was and has been great.  But little man and I werent exactly jiving at first. He was eating well, but falling asleep every time. Then when we got home we had latching problems. I plan to write a longer post about all of my troubles later this week, but the great news is it has gotten much easier. We are in sync now and G not only regained his birth weight by week 3 but he surpassed it by 8 ounces. He is likely in the 10 - 11 pound range now and is 22+ inches.

We are on a pretty good schedule 15minutes of breastfeeding, bottle fed 2 ounces of breast milk and then I pump for 15 minutes  - 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm, 2-4am and then we do it all over again the next day. Its a lot. But its working, so until his 2 month doctors appointment we will keep on keepin' on.

Grayson is a sleeping pro (knock on wood it stays this way).  He wakes every morning between 6:30 - 7 am, feed, and either take him on a walk or put him back down. Lately, a lot of the latter for mom & dad to get some extra sleep in. I used to have to wake him for feedings, but now G knows the drill and wakes right at or a little before feeding time.. remember those meltdowns I told you about? joyful From 10 - 1 he usually stays awake, then 1 - 4 I put him down in his crib for a "real" nap, not like his cat naps on me or in his swing. 4 - 7 goes back and forth daily between staying up/bathtime/naps, 7 - 10 G goes down so we can have dinner and spend time together. After the 10 pm feeding, he goes right back down until he wakes. Every night fluctuates but its between 2 - 4. I never let him sleep past 4 though. 
For now we have the pack and play setup in our room he's already outgrown the bassinet), sleeping with one light on and the TV. Sooner or later we will turn off the TV and the light... but I am not quite ready yet.

We play as much as newborns play. Tummy time and his playmat are as far as it goes so far, but I can say in the last week you can really tell how much more he he can focus on objects and engages with us. 

  • Nicknames: G, Bud, Bubba
  • You often sound like a baby dinosaur
  •  Daddy loves when you hold his finger while he feeds you
  • You are so strong, you hold your head up for up to 2 minutes on your own
  • Your legs are also very strong, you push up on your Dad's chest when he puts his arm under your legs
  • Your eyes look like they are turning blue like your mamas 
  • Your sweet nose  and smile are like mine too
  • You have started to smile a lot, and not just dreamy smiles. Once you are able to smile on cue, I am in deep, deep trouble.
  •  When you sleep, you often clasp your hands across your chest
  • You dont like to get in your carseat, but once we are in motion, you are instantly asleep
  • You love white noise. We have literally 5 portable sound machines around the house
  • You have already outgrown our favorite jams and other outfits, but you arent quite ready for 0-3mo clothes.
  •   Your sweet snuggles are my favorite. I never want you to get too big for them
  • Bathtime is not your favorite, but I hope you get to liking it more soon
  • You never wore newborn diapers, we started you in 1s at the hospital
  •  Layla loves you infinitely. She is always where you are and when you cry she is very worried about you!
  • Some nights your daddy raps to you to make you go to sleep
  • Every morning when you wake up I have to give you a minute to stretch (& toot, a lot) You make the funniest faces during this time
  • You have the huskiest cry, although you have started to throw in some screeches here and there
  • You are a super loud eater
  • You get the Debbies (hiccups) and they are so cute
  • While you nurse you tickle my side and its just so sweet
  • Your hair is all business in the front but party in the back, hopefully the front will catch up
  • You hate to have your diaper changed
  • You love your sleep sack
  • You sure do love your paci
  • You love to lay with your arms raised
  • When I burp you over my shoulder, sometimes you will try to root onto my face which feels like kisses, so I may or may not allow you to do it for a minute or two.. i know I am a mean mommy :)

Some more of our favorite pictures:

Dad's first diaper change

meeting your cousin for the first time

& for all of you who havent done monthly photos, the struggle is real. We had bad lighting, tears or were sleeping. Maybe it gets easier?

We love you beyond words, Grayson. You have completely turned our lives upside down but we wouldnt have it any other way. xoxo

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  1. Congratulations! Grayson is so handsome. And you look so happy. I'm glad you're back to blogging and look forward to following your mommyhood journey.

    Angie, ATL


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