Friday, August 14, 2015

Shoutout to My Baby Daddy

To say that J was over the moon when we found out we were pregnant would be an understatement. He was absolutely elated that night and his excitement continued throughout my pregnancy. 
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I am spoiled. Like all the time, spoiled. But I was extra spoiled (& still am, I gave him a son after all) He was extremely attentive, let me nap, gave me passes on cooking dinner, brought me water at every request, brought me anything, really at every request, attended to the house, etc. 
I have known for a long time in our marriage that Jarrett would make an amazing dad, that was magnified to me as the twins have grown up, and now its all real life with G here. 

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Jarrett was so excited on Grayson's birth day, so supportive to ease my fears and when G was born that man cried yall. It was instant love for him. He told me that there were 5 fingers, 5 toes (each), he had hair and how beautiful he was over and over again. His excitement to share the news with our family and then our friends was exuding from him. It was an amazing day for us, as a family, and its something that I will never forget.
Since we have been home, our worlds have been turned upside down, but more so Jarrett's. I think that as people told J to catch up on his sleep before G's arrival, he thought that they were exaggerating. But quickly he learned that his weekends would no longer be filled with watching golf and napping. 
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 J is an extremely involved Dad already and I know that as Grayson grows up, that will not change. He helps with all feedings, changes diapers, gets him dressed, helps with dinners, baths, and wants to play with G all of the time.
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Grayson is so lucky to have such an amazing Dad and I know as G grows up their bond will get closer and closer. & I am so lucky to have such an amazing partner to do this thing called life with. 
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