Monday, August 24, 2015


If you know me well, or just follow me on IG, you know that Layla was my first baby. She turned 8 this year (I missed her birthday. Good news, she didnt notice). I knew things would change for her once Grayson arrived. I knew we wouldnt have as much time for her, we wouldnt play as much, I wouldnt let her on the bed anymore, but what I wasnt sure of, was how she would respond to all the change, and the crying baby that everyone was fussing over 24/7.

Late in my pregnancy I started having anxiety over how this change was going to work and the best way for Jarrett and I to ease her into the "new normal". I read a lot of blog posts. A LOT. First, I bought a dog bed, and started to have her sleep on the floor instead of bed with us. With my pregnant belly expanding there was less room for her anyway, and even though I did not plan (nor do we) cosleep, I didnt/dont want her in the bed with us anymore in case we ever do have G in the bed with us. For me, that just puts off "danger" signs to me. She adapted well to that change, so I started to believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Boog spent the week we were in the hospital with my parents. I had read that it was important to introduce the smell of the baby to your dog before come home. So on G's birthday we sent my parents home with a hat, and the next time they came to visit with a blanket. My dad laid with Layla on the floor with the blanket telling her she would like her new baby. ((He just puts on a tough guy front yall, he's a softy - secrets out Scotty Potty) She slept with the blanket for the rest of her stay with my parents.

I waited a few days of being home before having my mom drop Layla off at our house (while we were out). When we came home, I came in first and said hello, followed by Jarrett, and then I came back in while J took G out of the car for their official meeting.

Layla is an extremely energetic dog. She may be eight, but she is like a puppy. She knew something was going on. She was so calm - I was so proud of her!

Stephanie Rose Photography
In the weeks that have followed its been fun to see Layla change and love on G. She wants to be wherever he is. Always. She also wants to lick him, always, so she hears a lot of "no" these days, but overall she is so good. When he cries, she runs to him, and if I dont come fast enough, she will run back to me as to say "Hurry Mom!"

I cannot wait for these two little besties to grow up together. I know Layla will continue to be patient and let G crawl all over her when the time comes. But I have a feeling that saying "no" to the licking will never go away.

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