Monday, August 31, 2015

Week{End} Recap

This past week & weekend were full of family and friends. This stay at home gig is kinda fun, but definitely a lot of work. I have a whole new respect for you stay at home mommas out there. I think its harder than going to an office job #realtalk.

Last Monday my mom's cousin and aunt came to meet G -- sadly I didnt take any pictures but I was so glad that they finally were able to come to see him! That night J&I had our first "first time parent" moment. I was feeding Grayson a bottle and J was trimming his nails.. on the last one I saw G's eyes get crazy big and knew right away that Jarret clipped his skin. Blood was everywhere. and not stopping. Jarrett initially freaked out, but i was able to be more calm, until Grayson wouldnt stop screaming and the blood kept coming. We loaded up the car and went to the closest Care Now/ER where they stopped the bleeding within 2 minutes of us tearfully arriving ... two of us were crying, I bet you'll never guess who.

The staff there was oh so sweet in calming us and making sure Grayson was all good. We left with a bandaid, neosporin and half a baby thumb. Just kidding, its a nick, I just like to make J feel bad! They didnt charge us for their services, so you know when we left they were talking about those first time parents all night long.

Tuesday my sweet friend KJ and her daughter Harper came and brought us dinner and to get some  snuggle time with G.

Please excuse the mess in the background - our house isnt quite as tidy as it once was.

Bath time has become quite the family affair around here

Wednesday we met up with Amber and the girls for a few hours. Its been nice to get out of the house and spend some time with my favorites weekly.

There were lots of snuggles and smiles throughout the week when we werent on the go.

& G's tummy time game has gotten real strong

Friday we had our nanny come over and watch G for the first time since we hired her. I was able to run errands for the weekend's sip and see, shower and get ready for our dinner that night. It was our first night out since Grayson's arrival. It was so nice to just get out for a delicious dinner and chat. We chatted for over 3 hours before realizing we needed to get home!

As nice as it was to get out, once we were home I realized how much I missed the little guy... and may or may not have woken him up just for a cuddle sesh

Saturday Mimi and Pops came over to see Grayson and I spent a lot of hours prepping for Sunday's shower. After this month and 2 showers later, I have realized I am nuts. I had bit off a bit more than I could chew; however both showers were such a great time and even if it came down to the wire (& the cleanliness of my house being a whole lot of smoke and mirrors), they were a success.

I plan to share Baker's sip and see details tomorrow

 The Masseys ended up staying after the sip and see, hanging out and eating pizza.

Can we talk about all the trouble that these kiddos will be getting into their entire lives... they will certainly be keeping us all on our toes!

I cannot wait for our first sleepover with all three girls and G. We will have our hands full, but it will be oh so fun #adventureswithauntieandunclej will never be the same!

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