Tuesday, August 4, 2015

39 weeks + 4 days: Third Trimester

With the second trimester coming and going so quickly while I traveled, it was hard to believe that the third trimester was already starting.

We kicked off the 28th week by babymoon-ing to Seattle and also celebrating our 4th year of marriage. It was such an incredible trip with the perfect mix of laziness and site-seeing.

28 weeks

My 29th week was full of craziness as well - I left straight from Seattle to Chicago for work, then home to finish up the planning for Nana's 80th surprise party. My perfectly planned outdoor party was rained on... literally. So we moved into the garage. womp womp. BUT it was incredible to have almost all of our family in one place and to surprise such a sweet lady for the weekend.

29 weeks

My showers all started at 29 weeks, but I will post those tomorrow. 
30 weeks
31 weeks
31 - 32 weeks I was on my last traveling program in Chicago. I extended my stay and saw some family before taking my last flight of my pregnancy home.

33 weeks

34 weeks

35 weeks

37 weeks

38 weeks

39 weeks
Maternity Shoot, Showers, and Birth Story to come this week!

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