Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

I try to make weekends these days a perfect blend of busy and lazy.. busy to squeeze in family/friend visits with G, but lazy enough for J&I to catch up on sleep. This weekend was a perfect blend of the two.

Friday we spent at home finishing details for the next day and did some lounging with G-Man

Before anyone gets up in arms, we did not leave him alone like this at all - we were laying right there with him, but now that he has pretty decent head control G no longer wants to be cradled (often at least) and likes to "look" around, so J created this "seat" for him. I cant wait until his head control is 100% and we can use the bumbo for him!
Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting, along with the other two bridesmaids, Heather's Bridal Shower. H has been one of my best friends since I moved to Texas my freshman year of high school. We are much more like sisters than friends, and I certainly cant imagine life without her, so throwing this shower was important to me!
Jenna with G before the shower started - I just LOVE this pic!

We went with a southern chic feel with the invitations and decor. 

Of course my girl Sarah with CKFireboots did all of the printables - I dont know how I would survive without her!

Tea Sandwiches (Cucumber, Chicken Salad, & Gouda Pimento Cheese)
Shrimp Shooters
Charcuterie Board
Fruit Display
Mini Cupcakes

For the take homes, we went with strawberry jam with stickers that said "Perkins Party of 2: Spread the Love"

The brides favorite drink is a mojito. I found this mojito punch recipe. Although I didnt indulge on Saturday, I definitely tasted it, and it was delish.. worth repeating for sure!

The Bride with her Maids

Love this lady and so excited for her to become the new Mrs Perkins
Directly after the shower, I headed over to my in-laws to meet J&G. Jarrett's aunt and uncle wanted to meet the boys, and Mimi and Pops hadnt seen the boys together yet either.

Three generations of Dunaway boys

G-man needs to work on his selfie skills 

I stole this from JoJo's blog - From left to right: 2 months pregnant, 9 months pregnant, 4/5 weeks post partum
After such a full day on Saturday, no plans on Sunday was more than welcomed. Our lounge/nap day was interspersed with me cleaning up the house post shower. I'll confess there was a lot more napping than there was cleaning... J and I have talked a lot about wanting Grayson to have a good night time routine, so on Sunday he was due for a bath, so we decided it was a good time to start. Feed, bath, jams, read a book. On nights there is no bath, we will have J play the guitar for him. 
Our first non-screaming bathtime
Why in the world I chose "Love You Forever" as the first book to read to him, Heavens knows, but there were tears and laughter. I'll let you guess which one of us did the crying.
Happy Monday yall!

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