Friday, August 7, 2015

Grayson Daniel Dunaway: A Birth Story

Grayson Daniel Dunaway
1:09 pm
9 pounds, 2 ounces
20.5 inches long  

Throughout my pregnancy Grayson was breech until Week 37. When I went in for a sonogram, Dixie said "He's head down!". My first thought was "that's great!" until I realized that it meant that the C-section we had planned may not be the way that G would be coming into the world. To be fair, through this pregnancy I was not worried about how Grayson was born, but that he was born in the safest way possible. But then Dixie proceeded to give G's stats which included his head being in the 90th percentile.. Are we sure he's breech?! 

After speaking with Dr. Walsh over the next two weeks, and going to the specialist to confirm G-man's size, we decided that we would keep the c-section on the books for noon on July 8th. 

Tuesday came quickly - our last day as a couple before officially becoming a family. 

We ran last minute errands, i re-packed my hospital bags at least twice and we went out to a late dinner since I couldnt eat or drink anything after midnight. 

I had anticipated a sleepless night, but I slept much better than I could have ever imagined. I got up early, showered, did my makeup and J&I headed with our bags to Drybar for me to get a blowout before heading up to the hospital. But not before one more belly pic!

At our maternity shoot, Brittany mentioned coming to the hospital to document our day. I dont know if she was joking, but if she was, she is probably kicking herself because I totally took her up on the offer. 
She arrived around 11 while J&I were getting ready for the big moment and started snapping away.
I would be lying if I said I wasnt nervous. I kept receiving texts asking about how excited I was that morning and the days leading up to it, but if I am being honest, excitement was the furthest emotion I was feeling. I was feeling scared, nervous, terrified. I was scared about the surgery and I was nervous about becoming a parent. That morning was no different than the previous days. I couldnt even focus on the most important part, meeting G, I was literally taking it one step at a time. Getting my hair done. Getting to the hospital on time. Checking in. Getting the IV. Doing paperwork.

The anesthesiologist came in and started laughing. Thankfully she began to explain that her paperwork had my weight written down at 485lbs and when she saw me she was quite relieved. We all had a good laugh and it broke some of the tension of talking about positioning and exactly how the epidural and block were going to work and be given. 
I am a complete chicken shit. I just about cry when I have to get shots, so pregnancy was a whole new experience with the poking and prodding, but the epidural was something I was very nervous about.
To keep myself sane I had focused on were things I could control. The logistics of our family. Brittany's schedule, etc. Our families came in prior to surgery to say good luck 

My surgery was scheduled for noon, but Dr. Walsh was running a bit late, so there was some waiting, but Britt helped keep it light and fun.

 Around 12:45 pm Dr Walsh came in and said it was "go" time.... 

 Unfortunately, we were not able to have Brittany come in with us, so while we were in the OR Britt captured the waiting room.

 After I was wheeled over to the OR area, I walked into the room on my own. J had to stay outside of the room until the epidural and block were complete. the anesthesiologist and her assistant were amazing. So encouraging and calming. It was a piece of cake! Next Jarrett was in the room and Dr Walsh said we were going to get started. Before I knew it they let me know that the incision had already been made and that Grayson would be here any minute. 
I did get nauseous a few times, but that was quickly taken care of. Dr. Walsh kept looking over the sheet telling me how she was so glad that we decided on the c-section because G was so big that I would have ended up in the OR anyway. I kept hearing his head was so big, and that it was close to not fitting out of the incision! G was so far up that they ended up having to use the vacuum to get him out because every time they went to grab for him he floated back up into my upper uterus. 

1:09 pm Grayson Daniel Dunaway made his way into the world

From where I was I really couldnt see Grayson when they were cleaning him up, but all I could see was a rolled arm raised and I remember saying "He's fat!" and Dr Walsh laughing. J kept giving me updates on him, and I distinctly remember him saying over and over, "He has hair". We were a bit nervous about this fact since in none of our sonograms was hair ever mentioned.

Once they had finished up with me, we all left the OR as a family with Grayson on the bed with me. Brittany was in the recovery room waiting on us to capture that first hour of us as a family of 3.

J went out at told our families that all was well and brought the first pics of G for them to see. 

 After about an hour and a half or so it was time to be moved to my room.

Where we got settled, met our nurses, etc. Our families anxiously awaited meeting sweet G and finally it was time.

July 8th will forever be my favorite day. Baby Grayson has made our hearts so full and our lives much more complete. 

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