Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Weekend..

Yes, I know its Thursday; therefore basically the weekend all over again, but better late than never, right??

Last weekend was full of fun, festive events.

Thursday, I had my DFF luncheon (sorry, no pics!) and then J's Christmas Party that Night at Eddie Dean's Ranch. It was such a great time - very relaxed and a fun atmosphere with pool tables, arcade games, bag toss and photo station (see below!) Although J didnt win a door prize (you all know my husband.. MINE!) - we still had a great time!

Friday we had our annual Supper Club Christmas. We went to Napoli's in Grapevine. A total hole in the wall but it was great, and the company (as always) was fantastic! Main Street was absolutely gorgeous with all of the lights and music going. After dinner we headed down to Wilhoites, where the people watching is amazing. I didnt break out my camera on Friday so I stole these from Mrs. Massey :) 

I was off on Friday and running errands like a crazy woman, when I ran across these fork ornaments.. totally necessary for our Supper Club group? Of course!

Saturday J&I were off to Fort Worth for an early birthday celebration. We went to Tillman's Roadhouse which was inspired by the show Sugar High with Duff. They highlighted the s'mores at the restaurant.. and if you read our blog on the regular, you know this is a must for J, so although its my birthday, I did a little something nice for J-Dawg.

Homemade everything - Maple, Blackberry & Mint (my personal fav) marshmallows... If you're feeling ambitious here is the recipe for the tabletop s'mores, but I highly suggest you just taking a spin to Fort Worth (Or Dallas - they have one there too!) to taste the real deal. All of the food was fantastic, from the trio of fries, J's chicken fried beef tenderloin with smashed garlic potatoes and green beans, My smoked half chicken and mac n cheese I could swim in, literally, while eating... yummmmm - think I liked it?????

After dinner we were off to good ole Billy Bob's ((for my non-Texas readers, its the WORLD'S largest honky tonk)) to see my first (and still) country fav, Pat Green. J was already required to take me to all Pat Green concerts possible, but since he chose to propose at his concert almost 2 years ago, he MUST take me every time :)

The concert was the usual amazingness that I expect from Pat, but this time was even more exciting ((well, probably not as exciting as the shout out we have on film from him)) but we were able to meet him, get his autograph and a photo. So this my friends, will be in our office soon, along with the signed tickys!

Sunday we were lazy kids with Layla Bean (who had a sleepover with her grandparents and Smudge while we were in Ft. Worth)

Looking forward to another busy weekend with family!

Merry almost Christmas!


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