Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap

My intention when thinking about writing this blog, was to have 1 picture per month... But 2010 had A LOT going on.... so this is what I could narrow it down to:

Ringing in 2010 at the Aloft Downtown - had no idea that this year was going to be so amazing!

Our first trip! New Orleans.... take me back! A champagne diet for 4 days is right up my alley!

I convinced Jarrett to go see Pat Green at Billy Bobs - it was such a fun night and his first "country experience"

We made a trip down to Austin for South By SouthWest (SXSW) - this picture is ridiculous and so was the weekend. Just ask Zak.... well he may not be able to tell you much about it... :) The biggest plus to SXSW is I get to see my cousin, Nick (and his adorable girlfriend Tina), every year, without fail.
Jarrett turned 27!

We got engaged!
And then jet set off to an amazing post-engagement trip to San Francisco & Napa
Jarrett got to "get in" the Pacific Ocean for the first time
I got to see some of my family's oldest friends from Chicago while in Napa. Mama & Papa Strout :)
I also got the chance to see 2 of my oldest, and best friends from my childhood this year.
Scott came to visit over his Spring Break:

Among all of my travels this year with DFF, I was in San Diego this fall and got to spend the afternoon with Matt before I had to get back to Dallas

Second Annual Dunaway Beer Olympics was a success! (even if team Sweden didnt get a medal)
Layla turned 3!

Kayla & Joe got married!
I got to go international for the first time with DFF - Budapest, Hungary! (next up Malaysia!)
Kai Baby turned 1! Such a freakin cutie!
This was our first combined family holiday - Lallaway Thanksgiving 2010

I turned 27 :(
Justin and Jordan got engaged!!!!

J3A "Homies 4 Life" - So excited!Future Dunaways!
Well, for New Years we were supossed to be headed down to Wimberly, Texas with one of my best friends, Katie and her new man. But Jarrett unexpectedly had to work all week and we wouldn't have made it down until late on NYE.
So, in light of the situation we had an impromptu Dinner Party at our house (which I'll blog later) But it was a great ending to 2010 and an even better beginning of 2011.

TwentyTen provided us with so many amazing moments. We have been so blessed this year with great friends, amazing families, and progressing jobs.
I cant imagine a better year, yet have a feeling that 2011 is going to surpass 2010. For me, work is going to be crazy busy, thus far I know I will be going to Malaysia, the Super Bowl, San Francisco and Vegas, all in the 1st quarter. Jarrett has new things lined up for himself at work, which is promising and exciting. We get married - crazy! This means that ALL of my cousins will be in Dallas for at least 2 days all at the same time - brace yourself Dallas! Getting married also means we get to honeymoon and I am ALL ABOUT the vacay! Travis and Jacqueline will be welcoming Baby Boy Tapella. Bobby turns 60... this is a cause for serious celebration! Justin and Jordan get married! Our friendships will continue to grow, and who knows what else is in store for us, but I am so excited for the journey, and starting our life together as husband and wife.
Good Bye TwentyTen, it was fun and exciting, but now on to TwentyEleven - the year of the Dunaways :) Loves!


  1. What a wonderful and exciting year!! 2011 will be even better!! Love you future sister!

  2. I absolutely love love love this blog!!!

  3. Loved 2010 and hanging out with you guys! Cheers to 2011!


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