Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ringing in 2011

I know this is out of order, but for New Years this year we threw an impromptu "grown up" dinner party. The sweet Masseys and Jenna and Philip came over for cocktails, appetizers, a steak and crab dinner, and of course, apple crisp for dessert (the only dessert I know how to make from scratch)

Unfortunately, I didnt take many pictures, so most of these are stolen from Amber and Jenna.
Using our dining room for the first time ever!
I adore all of my new dishes/glasses etc!
Love these girls - they make my heart happy..
The J's out at the grillOur champagne of choice for the night :) LOVE the yellow!
The Cabreras joined us later in the evening to ring in the New Year and play some Apples to Apples.My love (Sadly only 1 of 3 pictures together the entire evening)So maybe it wasnt downtown Dallas, with the "boom-chicka-boom" music as J calls it, but we had a delicious meal, at a whole lot smaller price, got to be with some of our favorite people, played Apples to Apples until 2:30 am and moved onto poker until 5am. It's definately one of my favorite nights.. New Years Eve or not, a definite fav.

Going into the New Year, I have a few resolutions:
*Write more handwritten notes/letters/cards... snail mail is such an awesome surprise
*Like everyone else in the world, I want to get healthier.. I wont say I want to lose weight, blah blah blah, but I do want to watch what I am eating, how much I am drinking and make sure I am working out just to be healthy.
*I want to take J to Chicago this year. I l.o.v.e. that city, and I want him to see why.
*I want to be financially smart this year... post wedding of course. Lets all be honest: financially smart and weddings are oxy-morons
*I want to do vounteer work. Yes, somehow in my ridiculously hectic schedule, I can find more time to give to underprivelaged children. Its my passion and I miss it.
*I want to master my job.
*I want to learn to be a good wife and great at everything that marriage entails.

So here's to 2011!

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