Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

As the big day is drawing near, so much is going on and so many things are getting accomplished. I figure from here on out I will **attempt** to doa wedding post every Wednesday. This surely comes with a disclaimer. My schedule for the next 2 weeks is a little crazy with Super Bowl and then days later I head to San Francisco BUT once San Fran is over, I will be home until the end of March...well - for now. HA!
On the plane home from Malaysia I read a book "Words for Weddings" and tried to mark good quotes and ideas for us to look over. We need to plan our whole ceremony.. from music to every word spoken. Why I took this on beats me, but its been fun/interesting seeing all the options and how many different directions that we can go. We have a meeting with our officiant, Jerry Niederkorn, next Tuesday, so the pressure is on! We need a serious ceremony plan :)

We are having our invitations printed!!! YAY!!!!! I am so excited, they turned out fabulous!
A few weeks back I ordered all of the vases, votives, and candles for our flowers/centerpieces. Today I came home to this beautiful pile of glassware. There were a few casualties, but nothing that I cant have replaced!

I am so excited to have Raquel doing my flowers and for her creative mind to just run with my lemon yellow inspiration!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Times a Million!!!!) Bob and Marianne!

Thanks to the Dunaways we are headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - one of the BEST wedding gifts ever! Looking forward to the beach, a drink in hand, and NO blackberry! I wont know what to do with myself, it'll be amazing!

We are working on music - pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail hour, introductions, first dances, dancing, last dance.... the list goes on and on. Good news is we have decided on our first dace, our last dance, my processional.... and well, thats about it. BUT we're getting there.
I had dinner tonight with Mrs. Amber Massey. She has been my absolute rock and sanity during this whole process. Everyone needs to know this fact. She has been UH-Mazing. I am so thankful for her on a daily basis. She has been the best throughout this wedding planning and just as a general fact - Anyone who is blessed with her friendship should consider themselves lucky.
Still so much to do, but we're getting there... Sometimes I find myself hoping for May, but this process is once in a lifetime. And We are going to do our best to enjoy every minute of it, regardless of how stressful it gets.
Until next Wednesday!

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