Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dunaway - Party of 6!

It's official!!! Justin & Jordan are engaged!!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!!!!!

Selfishly I am excited because now I have a sister by the end of summer 2011! And also selfishly, Jarrett & I are so excited that our bestests are also going to all be family. We are so lucky to have such amazing people surrounding us!
I know, I know - I need to get to the good stuff! DETAILS! Justin called Jarrett on Tuesday around 5:30 pm letting him know that he was proposing that night! J came in the house, told me... and I naturally freaked out, dropped everything and went hunting for "happy engagement" gifts! An hour later a Facebook post broke the news to the world! Right now you are thinking.. "so how'd he do it?!" Sorry folks, I will leave that for JoJo's blog ( ... which I am sure she will update when she comes back down from floating in engagement bliss!
I had been hoarding magazines in a random cabinet for a while now....just waitinggggg to hand them over! Yesterday was THE day!
Much needed celebratory drink.... okay.... maybe drinks
Prezzies! Happy Planning JoJo!
The happy couple! (We love these Future Dunaways!)
Thats right, girl, s.h.o.w. IT. o.f.f. !
ALL of the Future Dunaways! Aka J3A ((I feel like we need to all break out those shirts.... its highly appropriate these days... Homies 4 Life!))
Bob & Marianne will have their hands full in 2011.... and well, forever with the 4 of us :)
Sisters!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I never got to have one?!) Showing off the wonderful taste of the Dunaway Boys! We are some LuCkY girls!
A family outing at The Grande Lux Cafe. The Dunaways & Erwins!
I think I can speak for everyone involved - we are so thrilled for Justin and Jordan and cannot wait to enjoy this exciting and special time with them!


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  1. So exciting!!! I am finally catching up on all my blog this post! Love that you will get a sister, I loved it too when Trav and I got married cause I never had one either! It's the best!


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