Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Baby Party

The time has come... Heather and I turn TWENTY-SEVEN this year... eeeesh it hurts to type. The downward slope to 30 has officially begun. This year I decided to have our annual birthday party a Christmas party and a Charitable Event. We were also blessed enough to share our party with the young Miss JoJo turning 23 this year.

Our Invitations

I always thought building a GingerBread House would be sooooo much fun.... which the below was... the subsequent 7 we did, not so fun.

One of the many cutie details around the house

Santa and His Mistress, Miss Candy Cane

JoJo & Amber

Toys for Tots! Thank you everyone for contributing!

Some of the ladies - Courtney, Heather, Ashley, Allison, Jenna and Jordan

So sad we did get a full shot of all of the girls and all of the guys.... maybe next year!

Zaky GRADUATED on Friday & made it in town Saturday for the Party... we are so proud of him and cannot wait to see what is in store for him next (Selfishly I hope he finds a job in Dallas!)

Jacqueline made the most amazing birthday cake for us - it was PERFECTION!

We l.o.v.e. the Masseys!

Sweet Chara (Miss Snowflake) and Amber (Miss Claus)

Overall, a great night - I didnt take many pictures on my own, and everyone hasnt posted theirs yet onto facebook BUT a little looky into the night :)

T minus 4 days until Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho!
The future Dunaways

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