Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feelin' the Love

Raleigh/Durham - Day 6: Its been a long, but not toooo bad of a week. I am familiarizing myself with the Durham area.. I can basically get to the GSK campus and back to the Doubletree, and of course to the mall area that has all of the restaurants for to-go dinners. Thaaats about it.

Friday I came back to the hotel and checked the front desk for a package (J was sending me the wedding invitation samples that came) and I had one! HOWEVER it wasnt from J - it was from Sweet Amber. It was such a great, totally unexpected, surprise to start off my "weekend".

I have been so blessed with an amazing friend like her, and I am so, so thankful that she and I have grown so close, and are continuing to get even closer. :)

A few hours later there was a knock on our "office" door and a second package was delivered! This time I knew it was the package from J - I mean who else would love me enough to overnight a package to me?!

I havent been able to sleep since I have been here - so he included Tylenol PM for me.. Our favorite Potbelly sugar cookie, Burts Beeswax, my favorite candies, the new West Elm booklet, the invitations, and even a paw written note from Layla - where she informed me her "daddy was being so nice to her" and you cannot forget the Kazoos!

Love it all (I think I have found our invitations!) and love him the most - missing my leetle fam, but at least I have passed the halfway mark. 6 and a half (ish) days to go.... come oooon Friday!


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