Monday, December 21, 2015

All Things Christmas {& Birthdays}

This weekend was a busy one, but filled with lots of fun and all the people we love! I really love this time of year. There is something about a lit tree, and all of the twinkling lights as you drive that is truly magical. Now that G is here, I know this season will always be extra special for our family.

In the neighborhood J grew up in, there is a house that has a sleigh outside in the front yard, and Santa sits out there every night for about 10 days to take pictures with the kids. Jarrett and Justin had there pictures taken every year with him, and now we will start having the boys do it as well. This is Santa's 29th year to sit outside - so hopefully he keeps going for a while!

JoJo & I are **blessed** with December birthdays, so we went back to their house and celebrated with moscow mules, pizza, cupcakes & hanging with our sweet babes.

Saturday morning we celebrated another December Baby - Jacob! Diana did such an amazing job with the party! The decor, food, and entertainment (Including The BIG MAN himself) was perfect.  I know it will be an unforgettable for our sweet birthday boy!

G Baby getting his snuggle on with Honey

But these two... just stop it with the cuteness. I see a lot of fun {{& trouble}} in their future!

Saturday night, my parents came to watch G & we went out to celebrate Jordan's birthday with friends at Grapevine Brewery.

Sunday morning was filled with lots of snuggles

Then off to the Cabreras for our annual Supper Club Christmas with the kiddos - this year was PJs & Polar Express ... I can see this being a tradition for many years to come. My head is already spinning with how we can make it more interactive with them next year {{think tickets, bells, hot chocolate dance... all the good stuff!}}

Such a fun, whirlwind of a weekend! Just 2 days of work this week, then off until the New Year! Cant wait to continue the celebrations!


  1. I'm obsessed with his santa hat and PJs! Where did you grab them from?

    1. Hi Cara! The Santa hat is just from buy buy baby and the jams are Hanna Andersson!


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