Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Grayson Daniel: 5 Months

I hate to be redundant, but I mean, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that this sweet boy is already 5 months old. Every month I feel this way, yet feel like we have known this little dude way longer than we have.

This month G has changed so much, and I know these rapid changes aren't stopping any time soon.

Unfortunately, G had another ear infection this month. He's still on antibiotics (stronger than last time) so heres to hoping that this is our last one for a while... I would hate for him to have to get tubes in his ears like his mama did!

So as of last week G man is hovering around the 18lb mark, and we are roughly estimating him to be still shy of 27 inches.

Eat: We all know that this category will never say "he's not eating" Ha! He is doing great with his feedings. We are still giving him 6 ounce bottles for school and any time that I am not around. He is consistent during the day on feedings (7, 10, 1, 4) but once we hit the evenings its kind of a crap shoot. He will eat any where between 6:30 and 8, then again between 11:30 - 2am. And he may or may not eat in the middle of the night. For now, I am just going with the flow, knowing that next month we will be changing up his eating habits any way with the introduction of solids, so why stress? As long as he is on a schedule for school, that works for me.

I went on my second work trip this month. Overall, it wasnt as hard as my first trip and it was only a few days. I was able to successfully pump and travel back with a gallon (!!) of milk. Its always a concern and likely, will always be a concern, for me when I come back if G will want to nurse. But great news, he acted as if I was never gone.

He's holding his bottle like a champ. He will push the bottle (or breast) away and take a break. He is much more in control of his feedings than ever before. When we go out to eat or when we have dinner and he is sitting with us, he is so interested in what we are having. He doesnt grab yet, but he will definitely be ready for solids next month!

Sleep: G moved out! Then back in. Hahaha! We moved him out several weeks ago and he did great in his room for about one week. After that, he started to get stuffy an congested. He would easily go down between 8 and 9, sleep until he woke between 11 - 2 for a feeding, but after that feeding it was on. fussing every hour until we would give in and bring him to the pack and play in our room, and then eventually around 6 he would make it to our bed. Smart little shit. When I went on my trip J had him sleeping in the pack and play from the start and he slept a lot better, so here we are again with a tenant in our room. But we do plan to move him out after he finishes his medicine. Homeboy has a week til he gets his eviction notice (again)

Our school has a portal I can log into and see his diaper changes, bottle feeds and naps. I LOVE it! Earlier in the month he was taking 2 short naps (30 minutes) and one long (1.5 - 2 hours), but once he was sick that changed to 3 short naps. He was waking when coughing. So I am interested to see how he does this week now that he has been on meds for 4 days and the coughing has ceased.

This boy can sleep anywhere. Which is great. But then at the same time, he is so interested in whats going on sometimes that he gets OVER TIRED. The worst infant status there ever was.

Play: G has been a talking machine. I swear on my life he said "mama" Now I realize that this was an accident, but that sweet sound - I cannot wait until he says it. On repeat. All. Day. Long. He loves to play rough. The higher the better. The rougher the tickles the better. All boy, I tell ya. Excersaucer, Johnny Jumper, his "frog face" seat, high chair - all on his favorites list. He has about 1 million lovies, but in particular he still loves Mary. Shes really the only one he plays with. His soft blocks and Ringo still top his charts as well.

Still no rolling over. Although, hes starting to play on his side more. We are trying to make an effort to play more on the floor when we are at home. He loves to sit, so we have been bad about getting him on the floor, but now that we are doing this more often, I think the rolling will come soon.

We got a rolling ball that encourages crawling that his cousin, Hayes, has.  He loves it! He literally looks like he is swimming while it rolls around. We have had it only for a day and he is diggin it! Excited to watch him play with this guy

  •    First Stars Game
  • First Roadtrip to Oklahoma
  • First Cowboys Game
  •  First Haircut
  • G has really started to take interest in Layla this month. He watches everything she does. Pets her & smiles when she kisses all over his face (Ew)
  • Pulling Mama's hair is a favorite activity
  • G has the softest hands
  • He's found his feet
  • His hands are constantly in his mouth
  • Still drooly as ever
  • G has upgraded into 6 month clothes. He still fits in 3-6 month Old Navy and Gap, but he can also wear their 6 month clothes.
  • Jarrett likes to smell G's breath (he is gross)
  • G is finding his voice more and more every day. He babbles all the time. His teachers have even commented on how vocal he is
  • So smiley. 
  • FaceTiming with him is so fun now. He recognizes me and smiles so much. When I am traveling, this makes it much much easier
  • Loves the Christmas tree and all of the lights
  • Loves to be tickled 
  • Assisted sitting really well 



  1. Hi Ashley!!! Love to see momma enjoying a cocktail now and then! Do you pump and dump or not worry? My doctor is saying as long as I'm not DRUNK that it wouldn't effect baby but it's still making me nervous. Want your advice ;)

    1. Hi Kelly! Certainly no expert here, but after all I have read and talked to the doctor about, I follow the rule of if I feel buzzed at all then I will opt to not nurse G. One, MAYBE 2 drinks I dont worry as long as I dont feel it. Times where I knew I shouldnt nurse, so I will give him a bottle (I always have a stash of breastmilk) and just wait it out and have some water. There have been less than a handful of times that I have pumped and dumped, but that was really for my own relief. Everything I read says that its not necessary to pump and dump, the alcohol dissipates over time just like your blood alcohol levels.... Hope this helps!


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