Monday, November 2, 2015

We All Survived

Last weekend was my first work trip since Baby G's arrival.

I was dreading it, yet looking forward to it at the same time. Of course I didn't want to leave G-Man, yet the program I was going on was one that I look forward to yearly: Formula One races in Austin. Its a prestigious sporting event, my clients are super fun and every year we have a great time!

In addition to being gone from G, I also had to figure out how to pump while on-site and figure out how bringing back the milk all worked.

I was able to go on an abbreviated schedule (Thursday - Super Early Monday Morning). Which was extremely helpful.. I dont think I would have survived 7 days! Thursday morning was filled with so many tears. So many. But once I was there, I was able to focus on the job at hand.

The weather made the weekend much  more tame than I am accustomed to! Races were cancelled on both Friday and Saturday...

Day One - Prior to the torrential rains

Day Two - Same Deal
 Saturday night we were able to see Lionel Richie as our dinner/evening event. Prior to the weekend I thought he would be a yawn-fest, but in reality he was great!

Sunday's weather was much better than the previous two days, but still rainy and chilly.

J was so good about sending me pictures and updates on their weekend

Pictures and facetime really go tme through the weekend, but by far my favorite text contained this video... Pre-warning, if you dont know J very well... he's a huge dork

Prior to heading down to Austin I call the TSA to find out the rules of carrying on breastmilk. There really arent any. Which of course, stresses me out. All they said was the amount needed to be reasonable for the length of your trip... whatever that means. So when it was time to head home, me and my 150+ ounces of milk headed to the airport. Went straight through security.. no issues. And no testing of the milk. Slightly terrifying in my opinion, but whatever.

When I landed Monday morning, J sent me this pic.

I couldnt get home fast enough!

My boys were waiting for me outside when I pulled up in my uber.... no better way to start a Monday. Seeing that sweet boys face is all I will ever need!

It took us all week to get back into our regular groove after just being gone 4 days... luckily my next trip isnt until the first week in December. Business as usual til then!

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