Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Baby's First: Halloween

All the baby firsts are so fun.. more so for J&I... {likely more for me} than for Grayson. But he entertains me and my ideas.

First up G's first pumpkin. I mean babies in pumpkins are all over the internet, so why not make G be one of them?

Can you say "unimpressed"?!  

Funny how the "crinkle" noise works every time...

We hosted super club on Friday. Since we dont have "big kid toys" I made all the big kids pumpkin buckets with coloring books, crayons and lots of sugar. Border line too much? haha its ok, they all went home that night - sorry friends!

Included in their buckets were these masks - the littles hated them but the big kids loved it

Saturday I was under the weather, so the day didnt go according to plan. We stopped by both sets of grandparents houses but skipped out on visiting the Masseys (Which had the rest of the TMNT gang!)

But here is G in his Raphael glory

Hope yall had a great Halloween!

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