Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekend Things: Dallas Stars & Broken Bow

Weekends have become extra special for me since going back to work. I have been trying to extend them whenever possible with a Friday or Monday off. This go around, I was a rebel, and took both Friday AND Monday off.

Around this time every year, we do a weekend with my family, just to regroup and spend time together. This year we headed up to Broken Bow. About a 3 hour drive from Dallas.

But before I jump into that part of the weekend, J won tickets to the Stars game from work, so we took G man on Thursday night.

I broke out the Baby K'Tan and we set out for the game. This was G's second professional game - first being the Rangers game earlier this year. I, actually, also won tickets to the Thanksgiving Day Cowboys game.. so now we need to buy tickets to a Mavs game this season and little G will have hit all the major Dallas teams within a few short months of life.. must be nice! ha!

As usual our sweet boy did a great job. He intently watched all the lights and people. But when we scored, poor guy got scared. Like lip curl, quiver and cry. I felt terrible! I think for the Cowboys game we will get him those baby headphones - right?!

Friday morning after G-Man's 10am feeding we headed out to Oklahoma, with hopes that he would sleep until we got there. And he did -- thank goodness! Best Baby Ever - said like every other biased mother on the planet, but seriously people: he is the best baby ever. Fo Real.

The weekend was full of relaxing, napping, fishing, eating and drinking. Really it doesnt get much better.

G had a bad case of old man hair in the back.. although his hair is growing back in, the back had to go. I have tried to get J to agree to it several times and on Saturday morning he said yes.... I immediately went inside for our hairdresser... aka DeeDee..

He wasnt sure about the sound of the clippers, but it was quick and painless... he survived and his hair looks 100000000000000000000000000000 times better.

We took some family pics for my mom to have for her Christmas card... so I wont post the full family one until her cards go out, but here are some others we took

With Zak & Chara's wedding on the horizon, they are supplying the bar and have been narrowing down their wine choices. They got it down to 5, and we did a blind tasting. It was really fun!

When I was young, my dad & I would go fishing early mornings. I mean, this started once I could hold the pole. We would chat. I would name the worms. & I got my hands dirty. I fished often, even after Zaky came around. Fast forward to being about 13, sitting in a row boat in Wisconsin with my dad and brother, and a bee landed on my leg. **someone** freaked out, stood up and literally, rocked the boat. That **someone** was never asked on a fishing trip again... coincidence? I think not.

With that said, I still fish when we go on lake trips but certainly not like the men in my family. But I so look forward to G going fishing with his daddy, Chief and Uncle Poopy some day. This weekend was his introduction to the many days he will have in the future, but he did it was his mama... who killed wasps this weekend, for the record. Just sayin'

The weekend was so great. So relaxing. And there was a lot of laughing. At each others' expense, of course.

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  1. Love the photos and reading about your trip to Broken Bow. We love that place.


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