Monday, November 9, 2015

Grayson Daniel: 4 Months

Pre-Baby you hear people talk about how much they love their children or how their baby's are their world. I never doubted those people, but it wasnt something that I really understood. I thought I did, but I was so, so wrong. G-Man is not only the cutest baby on the planet but I could not love that babe any more. Even when he is wailing (which is rare) all I can do is kiss his little forehead and try to soothe him.

In four short months Grayson has grown and changed so much. We have loved getting to know him and watch his sweet personality develop.

G is due for his four month visit, but last week he had his first sick visit to the doctor. He has been stuffy, which thankfully, they this is just allergies; however he has his first ear infection - taking his meds like a champ though! With that said, we pushed out his four month visit until the 17th so I will do an official update on his stats and other doctor sayings then.

Weight: 16lb 14 oz (as of 11.5)
Height:  We are guessing 25-ish inches?
EAT: Oh G-Man.... As you know from last month, G was down to six feedings, chugging along at 4 ounces per bottle. And then I wrote my post all about feedings and how breezy life was. Granted, feedings are still breezy, but we are basically back to 7 feedings and G Man waking at about 3:30 am for a little snacky, which I dont mind, but sleeping through the night was kinda nice - ha! Over the past week I have upped his bottles that go to school to 5 ounces, which has worked out great during the day. He's finishing all bottles, and every now and then only drinking 4.5 ounces. So I know he's satisfied during the day. His last feeding at night - between 10:30 - 11:30 every night has been upped to 6 ounces. Again, he doesnt always finish all six ounces, but thats fine too. So I know he could make it through the night, he's just not. Is it sleep regression? growth spurt? teething? I'm not sure. I posed the question to the Mom Group I am in on Facebook and both sleep regression and teething came up a lot... so heres to hoping its short lived. Although, an extra 10 minutes of one on one time with my babe doesnt hurt!

Not only did i jinx myself with that post with G's eating habits, but also my supply. Over the past 2 weeks, I traveled for work for the first time, had dental work that put me on antibiotics and being sick/stuffy... where I bragged about hoarding, I am only storing away 10 or so ounces a week rather than a day. So here's to hoping that my supply comes back. I have plenty to sustain through each day, with some reserve. Just not the overs supply I once had. I honestly havent started doing things to try to up my supply, so if things dont get better over the weekend I will go back to oatmeal and fenugreek.  Although not being engorged isnt such a horrible thing!

SLEEP: This kind of goes hand and hand with the feeding portion. But pretty much since the day he turned 3 months he stopped sleeping through the night. He was waking at 3:30 am every night wanting his paci and then every hour there after. He didnt need anything else except the paci, his eyes wouldnt even open. He would just fuss until one of us got up to replace it. This last week that changed. 3:30 am - this kid's eyes are wide open screaming "FEED MEEEEE". Honestly I (him as well) am getting a million times more sleep with the extra feeding rather than the paci replacement, so I'll take it.

He's taking good naps at school, which is great. They are getting fewer between, but thats totally normal -- right?! ha!

He still lives with his parents. Sue me.

We have been bringing him into bed with us in the mornings for the last half hour before he gets up for the day. Its one of my favorite times of the day. He so sweetly snoozes with a hand on at least one of us, if not both. Its a bad habit to have, but, meh. I'll take the snuggles.

PLAY: Watching G's little mind grow is incredible. He still loves being read to, grasping and holding everything, everything gets brought to his mouth, etc. He loves TV. Like love, love LOVES it. its bad. I have started to not have the TV on while we are hanging out, because he will completely ignore me!

We started putting him in his excersaucer, which I thought was too soon, but he proved me wrong. he loves playing with the flip book with lights and songs, as well as moving all of the other pieces. He only lasts for about 15 -20 minutes at a time, but he really likes it!

He has started to be attached to a lovey we call Mary.

  • G is a drooling machine. I mean, soaking wet, all.of.the.time.
  • He loves looking at himself in the mirror.
  • He smiles almost all of the time
  • We had our first giggle, but they still dont happen that often
  • Moves like crazy in his sleep
  • loves to sit like a big boy
  • would qualify as a "supported sitter"
  • touches my face so sweetly 
  • crinkles his nose when he smiles BIIIG
  • loves bathtime
  • we changed schools this month and he is doing such a great job with the change. 
  • He seems to be recognizing familiar faces, especially my mom (outside of J&I)
  • he only cries if hes super tired, hangry or his belly hurts
  • He has started to blow raspberries
  • He has been sucking his lips... more signs of teething 
  • G has become a FaceTiming Pro

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