Monday, October 12, 2015

Grayson Daniel: 3 Months

A quarter year old... when I say three months out loud, it doesn't seem like very long, but when I think about the day we got to meet sweet G-Man, it seems like forever ago. As you get older, you realize all of the cliché sayings of time passes quickly are true and you really do have to savor each moment.

This past month I really savored each moment. Mostly because I had finally gotten into the groove of mommyhood and being at home. Being at home became easy, we had a solid routine. Going out to meet friend or family, or to run errands was no longer daunting. It was something to really look forward to. But then, it was time to go back to work, so now we have a new routine to get accustomed to, but we are getting there. Sorta.

We had hired a nanny before Grayson was born. Unfortunately, she didnt work out and we had to let her go a week prior to me going back to work. Panic attack, anyone?? We scrambled, toured numerous facilities, and finally settled on a Montessori School. Dropping G off on day 1 was terrible. No way around it. But day 2 wasnt as bad. & we have decided J will drop him off and I will pick him up daily. Being back at work is good, and bad, all at the same time. I know it will get easier, but not before it gets harder. I have my first work trip in just a week and a half.... eek.

No doctors appointment this month, so our best guess on G's stats:

weight: 15-ish pounds
height: 24-ish inches

We are down to 6 feedings a day, which naturally happened as G started to sleep through the night. We are now feeding 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10 - 11pm. We continued to do 2 ounces in a bottle at feedings that are coupled with nursing. The bottles that go to school with him bottle of the day and the last are 4 ounces

G doesnt care about where he gets fed, as long as it happens - still very serious with the meal time, peeps.

On a side note, I am officially a milk hoarder. We have a deep freezer and I have well over 1,000 ounces of milk saved up... Here's to hoping that once I start traveling I am able to keep my supply, but if not, at least I have a great stock to keep G on breast milk for about a month and a half.

We are sleeping through the night! Woohoo!

Remember how pre-baby, I was all, he will be out by 6 weeks, then it was 2 months, and just last month I said for sure he would be out by going back to work, but at the ripe age of 3 months, little dude is still living with his parents, aka, still in the pack and play in our room. There iare a lot of reasons for it - 1. he just started school 2. I just went back to work Both of those are a lot of change for G, but the biggest reason is probably what weighs the most on the decision: 3. we are lazy. I do hope to move him out between now and 4 months. I really mean it.

Now that he is in school, they dont allow swaddling, so we are weaning G off the swaddle. Its going, okay. No better than that or worse. We will see how it goes over time.

I am pretty sure that every time I ask J if Grayson seems behind on something, he literally shows the skill off the very next, as if to say "Everything is ok, Mom!" This month it was grasping and holding things, which he is totally becoming a pro. He still enjoys tummy time. But especially loves it when his monkey, Ringo, is there to chat with. He loves any toy with the "crinkle" noise. His favorite is a bee, we call Buzz Buzz, his wings have serious crinkle factor. Daddy loves to play Super Man with him.... jury's still out on how G feels about it.

He still is a big fan of the swing. He loves to watch himself in the mirror. He has recently started to like his bouncer, so now he has options.

  • G's hair is still filling in, but I would describe it as "fuzzy" at best. He's still rocking the old man col de sac. Most babies dont have first hair cuts until much later in life; DeeDee may need to put some clippers to the bottom of his mane sooner rather than later.
  • We actually get smiles in the bath now. Along with a lot of splashing. I look forward to him being able to sit up on his own and really enjoy the bath
  • He has started to smile at me when he sees me; especially when I pick him up from school
  • He loves being read to. 
  • Our favorite to read is Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
  •  He really enjoys music. J playing the guitar can soothe him no matter what. Well, except for if he is hangry(he gets that from his mama)
  • He sits on his own while being propped up on a pillow or corner of the couch
  • He graduated to 3 month clothes 
  • He went on many, many shopping trips with his DeeDee and me this month looking for dresses for my brother's wedding next year. & was such a trooper. He loved the attention he got from people and he loved looking around at all the activity in the malls.
  • He continues to sleep anywhere
  • We go on walks often now that it isnt as hot as it was all summer long. He loves the sound of birds and airplanes. He seems so curious about the world around him.
  • He's becoming quite a flirt. I can make faces and he will shyly smile and look away. Its the sweetest
  • He has started to mimic our sounds and facial expressions. If we say "oooo" he will try to hard (and most of the time is successful) to do the same. If we stick our tongue out at him, he will move his tongue around too. I cant wait for him to be able to blow raspberries!
  • Still no real laughter, but we do get squeals of happiness every now and then
  • Ever since I started back to work, G has wanted to be held more often, sit in our laps, etc. It will be interesting to see if this continues or if it is just a phase as this transition happens
  • Layla & G are still best of friends. Since we have been at work/school she has been missing us. I have started to find burp cloths or random clothes around the house that she has licked all day while we are gone. Sweet or Gross? How about both!

I never knew I could love something so small, so much. He is just the sweetest little babe out there.

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