Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Things

Since being back at work, I have been making the most of the time off I still have. The weather finally took a turn towards fall, so having Friday off was so perfect. I hadnt seen Amber & the girls in what seems like forever, so we made plans to grab lunch and picnic at a local park.

Now if I could get every Friday off, forever, that would be great... #EveryWorkingMomsDream

Saturday we were lazy, lazy, LAZY. & I loved every minute of the snuggles. Zero complaints here

Justin & Jordan invited us to meet them and their friends out at the pumpkin patch on Sunday morning. We thought we were beating the church crowd, but we werent the only ones with the idea. We all know things like this are not J's favorite activities, so our stay was short lived.

We ran into the Cabreras before J&J got there, so we took a hayride with our sweet friends

G was not in the best of moods - I should know better than to take him somewhere at feeding time.

Since we were out in my hometown, we stopped by my parents, where the Momarazzi took advantage of his super cute outfit

 That nose wrinkle... he gets it from his momma

We rounded out the weekend with our annual block party and meeting some potential new friends - I'll take it!

Wishing the weekend wouldnt end, but Happy Monday anyway :)

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