Friday, October 16, 2015

Rangers Game

I have been a blogging delinquent. Obviously. So once again, I am playing catch.... please forgive me.

Late in September, the Masseys gave us tickets to go out to the Rangers game ((THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!)) Originally we had planned to have someone watching G, until we realized it was the night before I returned to work... so of course I didnt want to spend time away from the little guy, so we decided to bring him along.

Tailgating looked a little different than normal. We drank a beer and fed G a bottle in the parking lot... I guess thats life these days & we love it!

One of the lady's sitting near us, asked if G was our first, to which we replied yes... she then informed us "they arent all like that" We will count our lucky stars that this babe is so easy going. He loved the lights, he got a bit scared when it got too loud, but he snoozed a little too.

We have a Stars game on the books in just a few weeks... Now we need to get a Cowboys game and a Mavs game in for G this year and he will hit all the sports before he's one!

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